The A.C. Fiasco

Worst night in the history of the world happened tonight! Craig and I just spent 7 hours in Atlantic City, 3 hours and 40 minutes of that was spent in a Hospital Emergency Room in A.C.. Why you ask? Well Craig and I went to Planet Hollywood to eat dinner but there was a long wait so we walk down the boardwalk heading back to our car and we stop at Three Brothers Pizza cause we know the name. Well they were changing the ceiling tiles in the place and all of a sudden a light fixture falls on top of me and Craig. The light breaks on Craig’s arm cutting him and he starts bleeding like crazy. So we got Ambulenced from the pizza place to the hospitol. In the waiting room are homeless people sleeping, people fighting with their baby mammas, people with torrets dancing and singing yelling “You talkin to me Hooka”, and 2 women from Staten Island who became my friends. After 3 hours and 40 minutes Craig and I finally got to go home. Craig might be the proud owner of a new pizza place and I’ll still be working for the rest of my life… Hope you enjoyed this story……………CAUSE I DIDN’T ENJOY EXPERIENCING IT!