He-Man and WCC

Ahh yessss He-Man has returned! I feel like a piece of my life has been put back together. He-man was a big part of my childhood and since its mysterious departure from television oh so long ago I have always longed for its return. Today the premier of the He-Man “movie” which sets up the new TV series was shown and I must say I am in heaven. Skeletor is no longer a bumbling idiot and now an evil evil villian. Plus all the characters are pretty bad ass in their new designs. Ok enough dork talk. Another day spent working at Westminster Choir College in Princeton. Today however I did see 2 females who were not ugly and fat or Asian because everyone at WCC is either Fat and Ugly, Asian, or Gay. WCC is definatly the 9th circle of hell and it has made me the most tired human being i’ve ever been in my entire life. Tommrow is CKY 4 Premier party!!!!!! Putting pictures up from Pete and Elda’s now so check them out in the Pictures section. Peace guys!