CKY 4 Recap

So the party was amazing last night. Phil, April, Brandon, Chris, Rake Yohn, Ryan Dunn, Bam, Jess, CKY. There were all there mingling with the crowd. It was cool to see “celebrities” taking the time to go out of their way to meet their fans. Our night started off by ending up driving next to Phil and April Margera’s P.T. Crusier it was the ultimate in timing and luck. Upon entering the Trocadero we saw Brandon, Rake Yahn, and Raab himself. After that they showed the trailer for “Haggard” Bam’s movie he just made (which Me, Craig, Dave, and Chris are going to see tommrow night [more on that tommrow]) followed by footage of CKY 4. It looks hilarious! Then CKY came out to perform. They were amazing. During the performance April and Phil walked by us, I took April’s picture and she smiled at me and touched the small of my back!!! YESS!!! Then later Phil walked by and Chris grabbed him for a picture. They’re really such amazingly nice people. CKY finished their performance which was amazing and Bam and Ryan Dunn showed up on stage. After that the night was pretty much over, Clutch came on and they sucked ass. Ryan Dunn ran by us real quick and I snagged a pic of him. Chris, Dave, and I had an amazing time which we will never forget. Tommrow we see Haggard! We’ll be treking up to West Chester, PA to go see that so I’m sure I’ll have more pictures and stories on that.