Coleman has a Dream and Shares it with Me

GregColeman: hahah i had this really weird dream last night…u worked in radio shack with somebody else we know, but i cant remember who. anyways, there was like a tv on display, and it didnt have a picture (now i remember, it was ryan christie), so yea the tv didnt have a picture but i knew that it was attached to a video camera that was filming another tv in the back room that had like a good television show on. so i finally got the camera workin, and poof the tv on display showed the television show from the tv in the back room, but it was all off center, so i had to use a joystick to control the camera in the back, but i couldnt quite figure out how to do it. so then i kept buggin you to straighten out the picture. so this camera wasnt only hooked up to the joystick, but also to a keyboard for some reason. so since u had been workin at this radioshack for years u knew exactly how to position

GregColeman: the camera correctly with the keyboard and it took you like 2 seconds to type in like a whole shitload of commands, and bam the camera was positioned correctly. so then i was watchin the tv and stuff and i had to go take a piss (its a radio shack in a mall btw). so im like sean i gotta go take a piss and u were like yea so do i, so we both started walkin towards the bathroom and then we see ryan christie, and hes like connecting these wires in some sorta contraption, but the contraption was still in its packaging, so im like ryan u should prolly not open that thing

GregColeman: so then he closes the packaging back up and starts walking towards like this kiddie ride and opens up a secret compartment below it, and thats where radio shack stores all of the stuff that doesnt fit in their back room, but like it was a big secret and i was all happy that he let me in on the secret, so next thing i know we’re in the bathroom, and im lookin around and i find this urinal that was there before they re-modeled the bathroom. so im like sean im gonna go piss in this welfare urinal and u start like laughing hysterically. so yea i start pissin n everything

GregColeman: and the wall is like curving out towards me as im pissing like the wall is moving or somethin. so im pissin all over the floor, and everywhere my piss touches the ground it goes back to the way it was before they remodeled the bathroom. the whole time ur still fuckin laughin and not pissin. so then this family walks in the bathroom and im still pissin. and the father goes to take a piss and the mother and her like 6 year old son goes over to the sinks. well by this time im done pissin so i go to wash my hands. so i get up to the sink and its weird cuz they have that pink

GregColeman: hand soap, but its not in like the dispenser thing, its just kinda sittin in a bowl, so i pour some soap into my hands and im washin my hands and im listenin to the woman like yelling at her kid about how she has aids and how she wants a big thick juicy steak. they leave the bathroom and next thing i know im sittin on one of those concrete things that they have in parking lots where it wont let u park too far forward in a spot. and i look over and ur gone but jay eagan is there and hes carrying mexican food. ohh shit im with all the ullmans at this point i totally forgot

GregColeman: so yea ur gone, im with dave steph and their mom (no dad), and we’re all in this parking lot and im reading text messages on my phone when i see jay eagan and his mexican food in these big plastic to-go container things. so then somebody calls this dude on his cell phone and its screen is blindingly bright and then steph and mrs ullman (who has a broken leg) leave to go eat or something and im with just dave ullman now. i look over and hes gone and then i wake up. how fuckin weird is that. ahhh i feel so much better now.