Beast Can Solve Our World’s Problems

crackerman7710: my favorite beer would probably be the irish HARP…. from the brewers at guinness
Im A Walrus 9: yes
Im A Walrus 9: i know of harp
Im A Walrus 9: my dad shared its bountiful goodness with me at the young age of 5
Im A Walrus 9: and proceeded to give me a harp button for me to wear proudly
crackerman7710: ah yes
Im A Walrus 9: i still have it
crackerman7710: the joys of drinking as a toddler are quite familiar
Im A Walrus 9: yes
Im A Walrus 9: for that
Im A Walrus 9: we owe our fathers much
crackerman7710: the lessons learned by the “last sips” of each can are far greater than any school teacher can provide
Im A Walrus 9: that my friend is the greatest quote ever delivered by any single man
crackerman7710: the gift of family should not be taken lightly for that reason alone
Im A Walrus 9: i have shed a tear for the many fathers lost for various reasons and unable to share this gift of beer with their sons
crackerman7710: well hopefully we can touch the lives of these underpriveledged children before the day of their 21st birthday
Im A Walrus 9: yes we must buy alcohold for the extremely youthful
crackerman7710: if we can just get one child under ten years old drunk each year… then we will have served our duty to mankind
crackerman7710: with a quality beer that is
Im A Walrus 9: no beast for these youngsters
crackerman7710: no
crackerman7710: that is a lesson they must learn on their own
Im A Walrus 9: we shall not be responsable for these actions for i remember the day i heard of the fabled BEAST and did not believe of its exsistence. but then one faithful day i met the beast and made it my friend
crackerman7710: if somehow you can harness the power of the beast and use it for good…….. that would truly be the meaning of life
Im A Walrus 9: i think we could conquer AIDS, cancer, world hunger, and Iraq in one 30 pack if we could figure that out
crackerman7710: my friend…. that is a nice dream…. but i feel its only chance is if it were the power of beast ICE…..
Im A Walrus 9: how true that is
Im A Walrus 9: and when it does happen children will gather in circles around the world and hold hands and sing of the day BEAST ICE saved the world
crackerman7710: yes… then they will see that the real “beast” lies only within our own self
Im A Walrus 9: and until we learn to slay that beast then and only then do we learn how to control it for our own good and personal gain
crackerman7710: well my friend… i shall now retire with the hopes and dreams of a nation and world united at once by the power of beast
Im A Walrus 9: yes
crackerman7710: i fair thee well
Im A Walrus 9: good night good sir
Im A Walrus 9: i shall speak with you again soon
crackerman7710: aye sir
crackerman7710: fair morrow
Im A Walrus 9: fair morrow