I Think…Therefore I Am SeanPiotrowski

AHHHHH HELLO! So I sit here tonight wondering to myself the greatest mystery of my website in its entire history and that is of the new Welcome Graphic. People are telling me the oddest things and I have no idea where and how they are coming up with this stuff. Look at some of the comments I’ve recieved:
Sk A nKo 66 (12:45:29 PM): hahahaahaha i love the pic on your website!!! ~lindsay

PuckSniper29 (8:15:14 PM): the first picture that comes up on your web page is the funniest thing that ive seen in about 2 years…. just thought you should know.. haha

GregColeman says (10:31:27 PM): very fantastic

and this one takes the cake

Prato80 (10:31:16 PM): well, its like we are both thinking the same thing. I can feel you thinking… you are lonley, and yet content with yourself. you are Sean, and you know it.

I just don’t get it!!!!! If someone has any idea where this is coming from or have thoughts of your own please let me hear them. Also be prepared for a special something this Monday. Its gonna be huge so keep it tuned here. Im gonna go…

One thought on “I Think…Therefore I Am SeanPiotrowski

  1. I was just googling my screen name and found this…. I dont remember when i said all that, or why I sound so creepy. 🙂

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