I was interviewed

So much TIME so little to do…Wait…Strike that reverse it…Hello everyone I’m here today with two major pieces of information and I mean MAJOR! Lets start it off:

1. You need to go to www.theward.net because they have done an interview with me and might i say not only was it a pleasure doing it I think it will give you some information inside the mind of Sean Piotrowski. I also divulge my crush on the Screechin’ and Bonin’ chick in that interview. Which by the way if you’re reading this you should IM me 😉 But again thanks to Greg and Ryan for giving me an opportunity to share space with them on their site.

and now the HUGEST thing to hit SP.NET EVER!

2. Last night my SeanPiotrowski.Net store went live. We’ve added a few new products to the site which I suggest you scope out. But I write to you today about a dream…”I have a dream that one day women of this great nation will walk around with my picture on the back part of their thongs” This dream my friends will soon become a reality. Thanks to the miracle of the internet and input from various trusted advisors I here by am starting Operation: Thongback! Starting now I’m in search of any girl who sends me a picture wearing the SP.NET Thong. Now I’m not lookin for your bare ass here girls. If thats what you want to do then by all means do it…but I’m lookin for creativity here. Incorporate it into evening wear, low rider jeans, whatever your heart desires. Just do it. Take a picture of it and send it to me at sean@seanpiotrowski.net . Then if you’re picked we’ll interview you, have a picture feature, and you’ll be entered into our SeanPiotrowski.Net Girl of the Year contest. This my friends is going to be huge. So go to the store and buy one NOW! They’re only $8.99 plus shipping and handling!