HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The delirium of a entire day devoted to Back to the Future and my newest web-venture has finally caught up to the Sean-ster. What is this new venture you say? Well those of you with a keen eye will notice a new button underneath the desktops link it says, “SP.NET Store”. HMMMMMM What is that you ask? How about your own SeanPiotrowski.Net T-shirts, Hoodies, and Golf Shirts!!! HOLY COW!! Click the button now and check out the fine merchandise that we have to offer you. We’ll offer a “themed” t-shirt from time to time and offer new seasonal SP.NET outerware. I’ll see how this goes as a trial SO BUY BUY BUY! I hope you will all buy a shirt or something and help spread the word of my site.

As I begin my last week of my vacation I think to myself, “What have I done?” to quickly recap…
10. Having no internet for 2 days is a fate worse then death
9. Driving to Rider to work STILL sucks
8. Jenn Rivell will always be hot even if she thinks there is a “West Korea”
7. Walter will eat ANYTHING
6. Paulie WAS the coolest character on the Sopranos
5. Samba De Amigo is now offically “Gay”
4. I am no longer the 2nd best DDR player I know
3. Snowboarding will make you hurt like nothing you’ve ever felt
2. Craig is really my “wife”
and the number one thing I learned over Winter Break is……….

1. Guys are “Faggots” and Girls are “Ginas”

Allright Folks BUY SHIRTS and GOOD NIGHT!