Super Bowl 2003

Motown Philly Back Again? Actually its no where near coming back…Hello and welcome to the first 2003 entry coming to you live from Rider University! Back in the dorm as of yesterday and gettin back into the swing of things. Tonight was Super Bowl or as I like to call it Super Waste of Time minus the funny commercials. Danielle and the roommate (Steve) joined me in the festities as we enjoyed the game.There is snow on the ground here at beautiful Rider University and I have my first classes tommrow. I am looking foward to them tommrow because one of my classes is INTRO TO FILM! HAHAAHAHAH! My secret passion will soon go acknowledged and realized very shortly.

Alecia: hi
Alecia: i amm alecia screechin and bonin and i am iming you~
Alecia: and i am drunk
Alecia: and i apologize
Alecia: goodnight
Well she finally IMed me…Alecia the Screechin and bonin chick finally imed me. 🙂 And thus has begun an onslaught of conversation…more as that develops…

I find myself thinking about the G35 still…to me its like this girl that came into my life and wowed me with her charisma and beauty, and then just packed up and left with no explanation at all…God Damn girls and G35’s….
Its nice to be back in the company of the roomie. I missed his sarcasim and wit. Also his pissed-off-ness is great and give me large amounts of laughter. Also being able to see Danielle on a daily basis is good, shes one of the few real friends I have here at Rider. I value her company and conversation more then any amount of gold or money. So its nice to be back in their company.

I also added a comment system to my site. So feel free to leave comments and stuff on my entries.

I am tired now and I don’t feel like writing anymore so I’m gonna go…