Britney, Thongs, and Classes

“Sometimes I run; Sometimes I hide; Sometimes I’m scared of you. But all I really want is to hold you tight. Treat you right, be with you day and night…” Hello Hello …Its good to be here Its good to be here. What a day…Systems Anaylsis is offically super boring and annoying I hate it. Sorry for the lack of a post last night for I had night class and was completely shot. I mean last semester I had a 12 hour day but Tuesdays this semester take the cake 14 hour day. The absolute worst. Quick run down on the rest of my classes:

NJ Politics and Government – Rebovich is the professor. Thats enough to make it great.
Networks – Super Amazing Class. I get to work with Brandon from DBM and it seems like its gonna be fun and interesting.
Telecommunications – Professor says “Anyone here planning on taking networks?” I say “What if you’re in it now?” He says “Then you’re gonna be really bored in this class”

So thats that. Today I read another fabulous news report about Britney Spears that makes me cringe. As you all know I’ve dealt with my share of annoying girls. I just find it ironic that my “celebrity crush” also annoies me too…Now Britney has been sluttin around Sundance with like three different dudes and yesterdays comment she made really set me off on how much of an idiot she is:

“Sundance is weird. The movies are weird – you actually have to think about them when you watch them.”

DUH BRITNEY…Sometimes we have to think about the things we watch! Why can’t you stop being slutty? Why can’t you just go back to the way you were in your Sometimes video??? Oh well… :-/
Going to see The Pietasters on Feb. 16! Cannot wait! They’re super amazing and if you’ve never listened to them then you’re an idiot. You should download some of their stuff ASAP! Buzz is tremendous about the Thong for this Valentine’s Day…More and more guys are tellin me they are getting them for their girls. This is going to be pretty insane. Now only if some pics came rolling in…Well I’m off for now hope to talk to you later…