Toms River is Not South Jersey

“There is something you should know…I’ve never really seen snow…you know.” HAHA so I skipped a night so kill me. Last night was THURSDAY which means for Sean my weekend starts at 5 pm on Thursday. Last night I took my first trip to the Rider University Pub with Frank and his crew. Was fun, we downed pitchers and played card games. Then we hit up Poyda and then back to Frank’s house for some video games and Pietasters music. So I didn’t roll back to Rider until like 3 am. All in all a good night.

So something has been bothering me a lot lately. People keep trying to tell me that Toms River is “South Jersey”. I refuse to let misconception stand. Having actually lived in “South Jersey” for seven years I know what its like and being an expert on the Geography of NJ and the social tendencies of the state I figured i’d put this to rest once and for all. As I’ve learned in my NJ Govt. & Politics class NJ has no state pride. We New Jerseyians divide our selves into different sects. North Jersey, South Jersey, The Shore, etc. The funny thing is people recognize a Central Jersey along with the North and South.
As one can plainly see Toms River DOES NOT FALL INTO THE SOUTH JERSEY BOUNDARIES. It will never be South Jersey. Quite frankly I’m insulted that Toms River would even be considered to be in the same league as South Jersey because Toms River is a far more realistic and down to Earth region (we’ll leave the reason why I feel this way for another post) and I’ve lived in SJ…So Toms River-ites and fellow Ocean County-iers rally up for our CENTRAL JERSEY PRIDE! Well i’m goin to go for now. But I will be back later tonight…