JMU Preparations and Schemes

“Unfortunatly I will not be working the Keg this year at Greg’s so savor this picture”

Allright so I got side tracked for a few days. Keep in mind this site is only me and I dont have any help so sometimes I get side tracked. Anyway lets bring you up to speed. Thursday Danielle and I went searching for Puma suits at the Jackson Outlets but no dice there. We then followed that up by Pre-gaming to the Michael Jackson Documentary and the hitting the pub where I proceeded to have a Pitcher and 1/2 to myself plus the Pre-gaming. Not good. Needless to say after a brief run in with Security and me being the smooth talker I am, and apprently a phone call to Shane somewhere around this time, I was in bed and passed out by 12:30 AM. My roomie was astonished at that. Friday I woke up at 11 AM still inebriated. I went back to sleep woke up at 1 PM still was a little inebriated but it went away within an hour and some Tylenol. I headed back home where I began my weekend of Dog sitting. Friday night I watched Striptease on FX and Goodfellas on DVD. Striptease on FX i thought would suck because it would be edited. All in all its not a bad film until the slapstick ending makes it all fall apart. Also I was under the impression that Demi Moore’s boobs were bigger but I guess I was wrong. Goodfellas never dissapoints. Friday night also was important because it was also the first time I got to meet Shane’s new lady. Shane never ceases to amaze me. This new girl has to be the hottest girl i’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t get it…I guess I can’t help but shake the image of Shane playing the clarinet in band for 4 years in high school. But whatever I’m not complaining I love the kid to death and I’m happy for him as I always am. I actually like this one a lot she seems to be pretty on the ball and apparently she finds me hilarious. (Tell me someone who doesn’t find me hilarious?) Anyway we all went to Wendy’s that was hot cause I love Wendy’s and hadn’t gone in a while. Saturday I helped Shane re-attach his new bumper to his car. That was quite a bitch but all in all it got done. Shane said we put it on better then his last one and we lined it up perfectly. So I was happy I could help him out like that. Me and Steph (Firehouse) went to Freehold Mall last night as well she had things to return and buy and I was still looking for a Puma suit. I did find an Adidas suit but it would have been $110 and that kind of a lot for something I’m probabily only going to wear to Greg’s Birthday. I then closed out the evening with a GameCube marathon with Frank and he picked me up a copy of Beach Spikers for $10 brand new. Its a hot title considering it was only $10. Which brings us to today and now. It is Sunday at 2:30 PM. I’m still lying in bed, in my pjs, and I haven’t done anything except eat. I have to go to Grandma’s and shovel her driveway at some point today so I guess I’ll do that soon enough.

So now that you’re caught up I figured I’d take a trip down memory lane again with another:
Scheme from Sean’s Past

Today’s scheme is a brief one but none the less a scheme. Of course my partner in crime Shane Pajak was involved. For a period of about 2 and 1/2 years Shane and I had the lock down on idiot teachers at Toms River High School North. See Shane and I were good at making websites. Well Shane was at least. This was when i began my well documented abandonment of my websiting. See what we would do was I would establish a dialog with a teacher who was involved in some club, sports team, or school organization. I would tell them “You know what you need, a website with it you could do…” blah blah blah. Then when they were like WOW thats great lets do it I’d tell them it would be like $40 for us to do. This was before I had a job so an extra $20 for me and Shane was nice. So I’d be like the PR guy and Shane would do the coding. Basically we’d setup the site and then abandon it. The teachers would never follow through on it. We had three big scams in our day. The first one was Miss Kiel (my life long enemy) and P.A.W.S. . This was working fine until GREG stepped in and said he’d do it for FREE. So we lost that one not a big deal. But we wasted a lot of Miss Kiel’s time and got out of classes by having “planning” meetings with her. I don’t think GREG ever completed a site for them because of the surrounding controversy. Next scam was the Toms River North Mighty Marching Mariners website. Me and Shane pulled this one off Junior year. See Mr. Hughes the band director had a huge boner for us and so he’d give us special privaledges and jobs so we didn’t have to actually do band all that much. Once he wanted us to fix his computer so everyday for like 4 months we just say in his office and goofed off while everyone was out side marching. Shane and I were real proud of that accomplishment. Anyway we ended up setting up a website and actually updated it pretty reguarly. That was pretty successful. I think we got a decent amount of money out of that one but I don’t recall. Shane actually did a re-design of the site for our senior year. But then after we graduated the site fell into the abyss of cyberspace. The last sucker we got was Mr. Liebe and the Toms River North Girls Soccer team. Mr. Liebe was the man and he loved me because I was the oldest kid in his creative writing class and I was obviously the most creative. He would often pull me aside and give me words of praise and comment on my various submissions. He knew the class was important to me and he liked that I was a good student in his class. He also went to Rider like I do so he loved me for that as well. He had heard from Mr. Hughes that we had done a website for the band and that we were amazing with it. He wanted a site for the girls soccer team. Shane and I were excited about this project cause it would be a chance to show off different graphics and stuff that we couldn’t really apply to the band site. Well problem was Liebe wanted this done by the end of the year and he started a dialog with us in April and Shane and I were graduating in June. Shane and I kept putting the site off cause we were busy with Funcoland work because Wooza started slacking off and we had to pick up the slack. So we were super busy with school and Funco. Liebe kept pushing for results. I kept bullshitting him with technical jargon and different road blocks that I had fabricated. Graduation day comes Shane walks into school with a disk and hands it to me and says its done. I proceed to track down Liebe at the end of the day and show him on a computer what we had done. It was surprisingly basic but effective. He was impressed with what we had done. See Liebe had webspace of his own through the school so he said he was gonna have it uploaded himself. So once we finished the design we were off the hook. So the job was done. The following school year, our freshmen year in college, Shane’s sister comes home with an envelope from Mr. Liebe. Inside were gift certificates to Fridays, the movies, and some other places. Shane told me he got the envelope but never shared any of the prize. FUCKER! And that my friends is the website scheme story…

Shane Says: High school was definatly a fun time, haha. Prepping us for the real world my ass. Try high school was an outlet for trying new and interesting ways to screw over people, make a quick buck ya know. Also Sean, stop bringing up my clarinet fucker 🙂