V-Day more like VD Day

“Not only am I a good chef…”

Valentine’s Day 2003! WOO HOO! Freakin NOT! The most bullshit day of the year has come and gone and what another V-day for the Sean Piotrowski record books. Granted it didn’t live up to last years extravaganza of taking 6 beautiful ladies out for dinner, it still had its perks even though there weren’t any females involved. First off I went to Princeton with John from the floor we got some cigars and subs. (You know the Friday ritual) Came back had one of those cigars and wished all of my friends who were going out for the evening a good night as the left Hill dorm, this of course while I was outside with John with our cigars. After that was all said and done I think I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been in my entire life. How or why I don’t know but damn nothing could phase me. After I leveled out and returned to Earth I headed over to Frank’s for a night of GameCube and then some Wendy’s. Like I said it was no night with 6 beautiful girls but all in all I came out with a smile.

The sickness is offically gone. I put it to the test last night when I went to the pub with my Systems Analysis & Design Group (Frank & Melany) and then followed the pub up with some Bronc Diner Cheesesteak action. I passed with flying colors so I’m offically 100% now.

Like all V-day’s I like to take time to reflect on all the women that have come and gone from my life. I’ll start now……….Ok done. For now I’m gonna say good night because I’m tired and I have a Systems Analysis & Design group meeting at 2:30 PM. So till next time, TELL YOUR MOM TELL YOUR DAD WE WERE SUPER RAD!!!