Shopping Shopping Shopping

Today was fun. I bought 4 DVDs today. Wayne’s World Box Set, Mortal Kombat, & Ghostbusters 2…I also bought a keyboard for my PS2. This shopping extravaganza took place with Frank this afternoon he also bought a keyboard for his PS2 about a shitload of DVDs. After all of that Dave “Turbo” Ullman came over for some beer Ghostbusters 2, and PS2 action. It was fun to finally relive this movie I’ve been obsessed with this past week. Yanosh, Peter, Ray, Dana, and Vigo all made me smile and even the super amazing soundtrack, which I own on CD, kept the movie pumpin. So all in all was a low key and decent night.

Tommrow is the big PIETASTERS concert in Hoboken. I am also pretty tired now so until then…”THE JOYFULNESS IS OVER!”