Pietasters Denied

Frank says: “Although the snow was fun tonight I’m still bummed out that it had to come on the day of The Pietasters…”

So the damn snow HAD to come the one day I wish it wouldn’t. As you all know I was supposed to see my 2nd favorite band in the universe The Pietasters last night at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. But because of the damn snow we were unable to travel up to the show. Frank and I will just have to go another time…

So to salvage my night Danielle and Kriston were going to come over and play card games with me. But do to some crazy Greek law Kriston couldn’t make it. So Danielle and I watched the Simpsons 300th Episode which was merely ok, the 301st Simpsons Episode which was classic, the Married with Children Reunion, followed by a Zoolander drinking game, and Wayne’s World. All of this while eating Cluck-U and drinking Stones. It was rough and after all of that:

Danielle passed out on my couch…..So my roomie came back from playing his Tiger Woods all night and we all went to bed. It was no substitute to The Pietasters but it was still fun.

I just want to say this right now. Cluck-U chicken is GOOD. I eat it sober all the time. I enjoy it a lot. I really hate all these people who are quick to hate and say that “That shit will kill you” and “Thats the most disgusting crap ever”. To which I say “Have you ever eaten anything other then the wings?” Usually the answer is no. Cluck-U offers many quality made chicken foods. For instance their Chicken Parm sandwhich is amazingly good. Also their breast bites are fabulous. AND I bet you didn’t know they had a Chicken Cesar Salad. Which I am told is out of this world. So next time if you see someone eating Cluck-U don’t hate. Learn what it is they are eating and maybe try it yourself some day. Because after all who else are you going to get to deliver you food at 2:30 in the morning????