Its Tom and His Jones

“The young New Mexican puppeteer, he saw the people all lived in fear. He thought that maybe they’d listen to a puppet telling them what to do…” Ahhh yes the sweet sounds of Tom Jones. I downloaded his greatest hits cd and let me tell you that they are infact GREAT! So what have I been doing?? Well obviously we’ve all come to learn and accept that I don’t post on Thursday nights. Not because I have something against Thursdays its just I am usually out so don’t expect a Thursday post. Yesterday was a fine specimen of a day. Did my class thing, did the work thing, and then my weekend started. Me, Steph, Dave “Turbo” Ullman, and Katie Pags went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill it was a fine time. There was much joyfulness and laughter to be had and shared. I then rolled back to Rider to watch the Micheal Jackson Special. I will say it was a very interesting and thought provoking special as it has raised many many doubts in my mind. Then we rolled over to PHI TAU. It was beat when we got there. So me, the roomie, and our next door neighbor Jim rolled out of there. I got frustrated and had had enough of Rider campus for the night so I went to Frank’s for video games and CLUCK-U. My craving for a Chicken Parm sandwhich was extinguished. I rolled back to Rider around 3 am and I got up today at like 2.

This weekend I have an event to go to in my old residence of Voorhees, NJ. Anyone who knows me knows that I shun and turn my back to my old town. But this weekend it is someone important’s 21st birthday. My friend Jared from Voorhees is the only person from my childhood that I still speak to and rightly so he is the only one that was a true friend to me back then. I am looking foward to helping him ring in the big 21 and hope many also have a good time. I don’t know what kind of party its going to be though because its like a family party thing. Like my parents are going to be there too. Its odd but we will see how it goes…

This weekend I am going home for the entire weekend. I have to prepare for the JMU Trip as now I have two ladies on my arm, Danielle and Kriston. This will be a good time. By golly it will be a good time….