JMU Recap

So you got 3 brief posts out of me live from JMU. Consider yourselves lucky luck people. I was waiting for Greg to have the honor of updating first but its been over 24 hours since we all left and he still hasn’t so what the hell I’m not gonna wait forever. So here we go the JMU story:

After arriving on Thursday at around 6 pm we all got setteled. The snow seemed to just dump from the sky after we arrived. We hung out and waited for Bill and John to arrive. When they finally arrived we hit up this wing place where the infamous BBQ face picture was taken. We closed the place down and headed back for some sleep. Only to have Coleman come back an hour after us strip down to his boxers and try and fight everyone. It was classic…

Friday Greg decided that he needed to get his injury checked out. So we went to the hospitol. Me, Bill, and Greg probabily had as much fun as one could possibly have at a hospitol. It just was a laugh a minute and we made friends with many people. All while Greg was rocking the T-shirt it was truly a classic and memorable day. After that we returned to Greg’s to find that almost everyone from Toms River had arrived and it was time to get the show on the road. It was wonderful to be reunited with everyone from home. So after hanging out at Greg’s all night it was time for sleep. With about 30 of us all with air mattresses you can imagine it didn’t go to well. I ended up sleeping on the floor in Greg’s room. It was quite an adventure for all of us and when the mystery kid spit on Walter it was all down hill from there. Toms River truly shined in this moment as Terrance and Walter defended TR’s honor from the JMU Naysayer.

Saturday morning we woke up and it was time for The Cracker Barrel. We all had an amazing breakfast and it truly was to die for. After we returned Greg and I ran around getting things ready for the big party that night.

And after running into a crazy Christian Sheep Music Seller, a toothless mexican mullet man, purchasing $40 worth of powdered drink mix, and seeing Ryan it was time to begin. We all suited up in our track suits. Yours truly amazed and wowed everyone with my Reebok Classic Track Suit. After that Chris and I were delegated to Juice duty. It was like old times for him and I making our world famous Rider juice in our dorm room last year. We improvised and made a killer mix that had everyone with orange teeth and lips, passed out by like 1 am, and with a lack of memory. All in all it was an amazing evening. I also would like to go on record and say that Little Bill did an amazing job at the turntables keepin the party going.

Sunday we all woke up said our good byes and headed back to our respective schools or Toms River. Danielle and Kriston slept the entire way and I just drove back to Rider where I had a paper waiting for me to write. It was a great 4 days away and couldn’t have asked for a better time. I think its safe to say we all gave Greg another birthday he’d never forget.