Math with Snoop Dogg and Girls Gone Wild

So today will be the first official day in 3 months that I have an actual working phone in my dorm room. How could I live without a phone for so long? Let me tell you it was absolute beauty. You see most of the time when someone calls my dorm room phone it is someone that I do not want to speak to. Once and a while its someone meaningful and important and I get to talk to them as long as I want cause THEY CALLED ME! HAHA! It ain’t my dime…So yea I went to Best Buy, or as I like to call it the CRACK STORE, and picked up a phone yesterday with my free time and the Atreyu cd. Sometimes when you live without something for so long you really learn to not miss it. Like for instance when I had a working phone in my room certain “late night” callers would call to talk for long periods of time and I would miss out on precious sleep. Sean – Sleep = Cranky Non-Functioning Sean. This is not an equation for success. It makes me ill tempered and irretable. Everyone knows that isn’t the real Sean…So now that those “late night” callers learned to stop calling because I do not speak to them anymore I am starting with a clean slate and I have a brand new sexy ass white Uniden 2.4 Ghz Cordless phone. Believe me folks it was worth every penny. (Actually who am I kidding the reason I’m writing about this damn phone is because I’m sitting here at work bored as all hell and I realized that the battery is finished its initial charge) So I’ll let you know how happy this new phone makes me…

Last night I worked on my NJ Govt. and Politics paper from 7 PM to 2:30 AM. It was a long monster and it drove me insane but thankfully I had company via the good ole’ text messages…(Thanks 😉 you know who you are) Then at around midnight my roomie Steve Smith says they’re going for cheesesteaks so I tag along because I myself am starving and want to eat. I switched it up and got a Chicken Cheesesteak instead of a beef one and let me tell you Rider is still the 3rd best place in the universe for a cheesesteak. The other two I will keep a secret for my own personal cheesesteak flavor domination. So while having a Molson Canadian and my Chicken Cheesesteak I learned via VH-1 that the Girls Gone Wild people DO NOT PAY their girls to be in the video but yet they had footage of a guy offering girls money to which the girls ran out of the room crying after they started filiming their “wild” segment. The only redeeming quality of GGW is that they did a video with Snoop Dogg and everyone knows the algebraic formula, Snoop Dogg + X = Mega Entertainment (X = Whatever situation you want to put Snoop in) So far thats two mathematical formulas I’ve taught you today. Who would have thought Sean Piotrowski teaching MATH! HAHA!

I really really want a Tablet PC. I think it would solve my academic note taking problems and make me run my life in a more efficient and schedulized manner. Granted I have a Palm Pilot cellphone but still a Tablet PC would go along great with it and make me as Shane once said:

“Sean if you got a Tablet PC you would offically be the King of Usless Gadgets…”

I think that would be a title I would like to hold. Also another title that I think would be cool for a girl to have would be the title of “Mrs. Sean Piotrowski”. Maybe for a wedding gift someone will get me a Tablet PC and then those two amazing titles would be givin out but then again that would require me waiting too long. I would like to have this Tablet PC sometime soon.

Its 4:30 PM I have had enough of work for one day…I’m going till later…”It’s so hard to see when your eyes are rolling in the back of your head”