Bumber Loves Fat Losers

“Mark my words Danielle never ceases to amaze us…”

This is so good you have no idea…So some of you may remember the little tidbit from Saturday that Danielle gave her number to this fat loser guy at the CKY concert…
Well today I got back from Class only to hear this message on my voice mail Click Here to listen…

After that Danielle proceeds to IM me and thats where the real fun begins…

Danielle: the guy from the cky show called me
Danielle: i guess the fat one
Danielle: kenny
Danielle: hes 26
Sean: hahaha
Danielle: i know
Danielle: i had no clue who he was
Sean: did you talk to him?
Danielle: yeah
Danielle: for like 15 mins
Danielle: he called form his work
Sean: and?
Danielle: i think hes a big loserI
Sean:he is
Danielle: he rtied to play it off that he was really drunk and he really didnt remeber who i was and that he was just calling bc he want to see if i did
Sean: hahahahahahahaah
Sean: what a jerk
Danielle: i know
Danielle: he asked me if iwas going to phily on sat nigfht, and i was like no
Sean: hahahah
Sean: he so knew you were going
Danielle: i have to go now

For the record Danielle REFUSED to leave this guy’s side when Frank and I came to fetch her on Saturday night…So let the record show…