More Schemes

“When my PC is at school this is my Ghetto ass work area that I come to you live from…”

Spring break is now over. Quick recap because I haven’t said much this week. Basically hung out with Shane a lot and worked. The Rindos family came over last night for a good time. Been following the war a lot you all know how I feel on that by now…I am ready to go back to school. I have a big week coming up with work and toys. Here is a heads up: Tuesday the new Zelda comes out for GameCube along with the 2-disc Roger Rabbit Special Edition DVD and the Jackass DVD. Tuesday is going to be an expensive day for me. Of course I will keep all of you posted on the developments with all of those as I am sure you all CANNOT wait to hear all about them.

So I figured with all we’ve been through this week that I’d make you all smile with another “Schemes of Sean Piotrowsk’s Past”:

This scheme as always involves my partner in crime Shane. You see back in 8th grade Shane and I used to like to play games over the computer. Most of you maybe familiar with the fact that you can play games over the internet with like 8 people at once but back then if you wanted to play a game it was usually one on one. You used to have to use your modem and call the other computer they would connect and you could play games. Well some games didn’t have modem support for that and you could only play them over a network. Shane and I being the computer dorks that we are figured out a way to play them even though we didn’t have a network. There was program called SirIPX and it basically allowed you to connect to a BBS (Bulliten Board Service) that supported IPX networking and it made your computer think it was on an IPX network. So with this emulted IPX network you could play any IPX game. Problem was neither Shane or I belonged to a BBS that supported it and the only ones that did you had to pay for. Then one day Shane called me and was like “Dude I found a BBS that supports IPX” and I was like “Thats cool” it was called the Concentric Network. It basically was an ISP and BBS service. Problem was you had to pay for it like all the others. But unlike other BBS’s this one allowed you to input credit card information while you were signing up for it. You see back in the day most BBS’s didn’t allow that so you couldn’t do it. Anyway Shane and I had these programs for your computer that would generate credit card numbers. Back then companies would check to see that the credit card number given was the valid number algorithem and then would check to see if it was a valid account later on. So what Shane and I figured out was that you could connect to Concentric Network, sign up for a new account, put in a generated CC number, and then you’d have complete access to the Concentric Network until you disconnected. So Shane and I would do this everytime we wanted to play a game. We did this up until about Sophmore year in high school and then one day we couldn’t do it anymore. Why? Because the Concentric Network changed the entire way they allowed people to sign up for their service. By the way it used to be $20 a month for that service so do the math…$20 a sign up, over 4 years, and done multiple times a day by two people. I think thats a decent amount right there…

Shane says: “Well first off, I hope theres not anyone who reads your site who works for any governmental agency. So for that I might hafta kick you in the nuts. But otherwise, thats still some of the funniest stuff, we were so paranoid at times. I used to hide the floppy disks in the vents ala the Hackers movie. P.S. – We really aren’t big fuckin dorks anymore.”

Well folks I hope you enjoyed that one…I gotta go get ready for school so until later…”LISTEN ALL Y’ALL ITS A SABOTAGE!”