Jessica Rabbit, The Only Woman for Me

“Yes I would give everything I own for Jessica Rabbit…”

Allright so I finally watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and in the words of my roommate, “I always liked this movie but I don’t remember it being THIS good.” Touche roomie, touche! Yesterday Frank and Melany came over to work on crap Systems Analysis and Design. It was truly crappy… Erica made her first Rider appearance in three years last night when she stopped by to say hello with her friends Valerie and the always enjoyable Gina (or as I call her “Family”). Was good to see her and Gina again and nice to meet Val. I look foward to a future visit. Yesterday in movie class we finished the German film we were watching called, “M”. It was about this child murderer. It was nuts. The murderer was the fat guy from Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth, Peter Lorre. I though I recognized him. To which Kevin whipped, “You sure know your movies Sean” Ahhh yes Kevin I know I do 😉

Tonight the Systems group is coming over to work more on the project then hit the pub at 10 PM should be a hot time…

Zelda Journal: Day 2

So Day 2 had me in The Forest Haven infront of the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree told me that one of his “seedlings” was lost in the Forbidden Woods. SO off I went to rescue. After a lengthy trek into these Forbidden Woods I found a boomerang which helped defeat many of my foes. A trust tool it truly is. After this I came in contact with the “tenticle plant” to which I defeated this huge monster. After returning the “seedling” to the Deku Tree and reciving the Earth Pearl I was on my way to track down my Pirate friends at the advice of the talking red dragon-head boat…I am currently docked next to the Pirate Ship awaiting the next part to this saga…

Till we meet again…”YO HO YO HO A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!”