Tommy Lee Piotrowski & Zelda

“Hey look at Bob Piotrowski save that wolf’s life…No wait, thats Tommy Lee Jones…”
Another week has begun. I am very very very tired of school. I want it to be over. I have a nice amount of work to do before the end and I really just do not want to do it. My weekend was subpar. I saw The Hunted was a decent action flick. I enjoyed it a lot. Eh nothing to really talk about cause nothing really goes on…The summer will bring interesting fodder I promise…

Zelda Journal: Day 4

Today I didn’t accomplish much. I did a lot of exploring and obtained many items and upgrades that I will need later on in my journey. I learned two new songs for the Wind Waker. One of which is pretty hot sounding. After all of that I got Medli and we’re about to enter the Earth dungeon. More on that as it develops.

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