Arab Music and Bret

“So you haven’t seen a new picture of me in a while so stop your bitching…”

So today I had to listen to a guest speaker for NJ Govt. and Politics. It was none other then Bret Schundler, the NJ Republican Canidate for Govenor back in 2001. Now I did not know anything abouyt this guy. I will say this, we elected the wrong guy into office when we picked McGreevey. Schundler was such a dynamic speaker I was blown away by him. OK enough politics.

I think my roomie just took the trash out for the first time ever since Sept. Thats pretty damn amazing if you ask me being as though I always get stuck doing it. Now as I look out my window I see a midget girl attepting to jog…that was pretty damn funny. Anyway, I’m getting ready to burn the midnight oil for the next 2 weeks as I have my last 3 major coinicidal assignments due. Telecommunications Article Reviews, Telecommunications Presentation and 5 page paper, and Systems Analysis Take Home Exam. One more and I’d have the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse. Super super shitty.

So today I get an IM from a good friend of mine Jay Eagan. He tells me he’s found this crazy hot beat but its stuck inside a Key Generator program. So I’m like send me this ish and he does. I’m at work mind you and I fire this thing up and I’m listening to it. Its the most infectious thing I’ve ever heard. As I am listening I am getting visions of arab women dancing around in their veils and stuff. It was absolutly Arab-tastic! Seriously download it! (Right Click Here and Save As) Once you hear this you’ll be hooked and probabily will listen to it for like 20 minutes straight like I have. Its probabily Saddam’s grand scheme, he’s gonna take us over with this mind control beat and sieze the US! As he raps his sweet melodic Iraqi ignorance we will fall victim to it with only the likes of J-Hova and Nate Dogg to save us. My goal is to make an MP3 out of this crazy Arab techno beat and blast it in the Infiniti…

Faggots and Ginas…What a concept…Glad Me, Craig, Dave, and Chris invented it. 😀