Silverton Whiskey

“Yea thats right Silverton has its own brand of Whiskey…”

So last night Craig and I went to Rowan to party with Eagan, Stacie, Heather, Kenny D, LeRiche, Johhny Ro, Kristen, and Bill. All I can say was that it was too crazy for words…

This morning Kenny D says we should go to the Cracker Barrell for Breakfast and that its only like 20 minutes away. Turns out he was lying, it was like 45 minutes away and we had a 45 minute wait. Breakfast was good, people were good, and all in all it was a great trip.

Tonight I get to see my new house for next year…I’ll let you all know how it is, I hear its amazing.

Just noticed we pushed 4,000! Thanks again guys…Don’t worry those stickers are coming and they’ll be free…

I’m kinda blah right now, I’m gonna go. Till next time…”I’m waiting for your call and I’m ready to take your sweet 666 to my heart…”