Rider is a RIOT

“I woke up and found this on my floor this morning…I will never forget last night.”

INSANITY! You people have no idea how crazy things have been the past 24 hours. So I will now tell you why. First of all yesterday at around 10:30 AM I completed my Junior year of college. It was such a great feeling because I have ZERO finals!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!

So last night was the last night for the pub. Before goign to the pub Danielle and I made a trip to Princeton and then when we got back, Me, Frank, Danielle, and MY ROOMIE (who made his pub debut last night) all went and had a fabulous time. We got an entire pizza for free and downed pitchers in true Rider fashion. It was a great night at the pub as always. My Roomie got cut off…He makes me so proud. After all of that we all got seperated and went out seperate ways. Later on I re-emerge from Lincoln only to find Rider University SWARMING with Police. Turn out we had three un-related simultanious fights going on. Cops were roughin kids up and arresting them left and right. It was the craziest thing i’ve ever seen. Denard emerged out of no where last night and we were breifly re-united. He informed me that a S.W.A.T. team was in Hill. Turns out it was true, they were here last night. I also just was informed a stabbing occured in the Residence Hall Quad thanks to warring Bloods and Crips. So add that to last night’s fiasco. After all of that I went to sleep and slept like a rock. You know what, It was a great night all in all. Its things like this that make me love Rider. Only at Rider would a S.W.A.T. team decend on a Residence Hall, MY RESIDENCE HALL NO LESS and to top it all of my roomie threw up last night…

Big night tonight, X-men 2 with everyone followed by Pizzeria UNO. Will be a lot of fun. I just found out I got an A in Networks. Its such a great day!

So till next time my friends…”NAKA NAKA CHUPACABRA!”