Hill Dorm I’ll Always Miss You

“Its 2 PM and I just woke up a little while ago. I love being home…”

So its over. Junior year. Done. Senior now. Holy shit. Anyway so I moved a good 90% of my shit out of my room yesterday. It sucked asshole. I have to go back up tonight for the infamous $25 couch, my leather chair of doom, my fridge, and my gallery of amazing posters. Then my term in Hill A212 of three years will be over. I’m kind of tossed on leaving good ole’ Hill A212. I mean I know living off campus in a house will be a lot better and shit and that I’m sick of the dorm. But there is a small part of me that wants to stay in the room. I mean lots of shit happened in that room. Pink, Chris’ beer pong table, Dance Parites with Denards ladies, Latino Dance parties with Chris and Jose, Mardi Gra, Sutter Dance, 30 people in our room partying with two 30 packs of the Beast Ice, Chris’ Baby Monitor, Jen Seavers busting us, My First Beer, Chris and I’s musical sessions when he spiked my wine with vodka, Chillin with Jack Daniels and my Roomie (Steve), turning into a chef, the heart to heart I had with Danielle on the couch that she doesn’t remember, and a slew of other things. As you can see most of the crazy things that went on had to do with alcohol…I don’t know why that is. I never intended this list to be full of those things but whatever its the truth.

The response from yesterday’s trailer has been great. You guys really have no idea how big this is going to be. I have not revealed all yet I’ve kept a lot of it to myself. The wheels are still in motion on all of this hence the reason for the “Coming Soon…” but keep it locked here for your latest info and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. You guys know I love talking to you guys about the things I am doing for YOU.

Well its time for another Golf outing with Mr. Shane H. Pajak. So I’m going to go.

Till next time…”I feel like I want to be inside of you when the sun goes down…”