The Matrix Has Us All

“You can see tired written all over my face…”

MISTER ANDERSON…Just kidding! MATRIX FEVER! Not really…I’m obsessed with Agent Smith. Shane and I are talking about getting our own ear pieces just like him. MUHHAHAHAHAHA. Saw Reloaded on Wednesday night. I enjoyed it but didn’t like it as much as I expected to. Go see it.

The work week is finally over for me. 3 days off…I’ve decided I like being holed up in the equipment room all day rather then sit in my office because I am left alone and I get to listen to music.

Tommrow is a very hectic day for me. 9:20 AM Golf Tee Time, Hittin up Rider to get House Papers from Rick, Hittin Up Cranbury Hummer on the way home, possible visit from company, and/or Party at Beau and Jon’s. There is no way I’m gonna survive all that so I’m gonna go to sleep…

Till Next time…”I am born again in a fast German car…”