Horses Bitch

“The name of the game this summer is Horseshoes…”

I know I’ve been away for a while. It was done on purpose. I needed to clear my head and get back to focus with this site. I have kinda had a stressful week and I am looking foward to relaxing this weekend and getting back in the swing of my usual care-free summer self. Once I get that down I should be allright and back to normal again.

Last night Me and Craig hit up Best Buy and picked up a DVD player for Shane. (He was stuck at work all night and couldn’t pick it up himself) While at Best Buy I spoke with an old Funcoland Favorite, Vic. I was asking him about adding Satellite Radio to my Infiniti’s Bose sound system. Turns out I’d probabily have to gut the whole thing and start from scratch. But I hate my stereo anyway so I’d probabily end up doing that. After that we met up with Mr. Greg Coleman, hit up Jimbo’s in Seaside had some beers and some food and then Greg and I spent sometime with our good friend Nat Sherman. Its always a pleasure to hang out with good old Nat. As we were walking to our car I recieved a suprise phone call from Kay. Kay ended up coming over and we caught up for a bit and watched The Killers from 1946. I didn’t like it as much as The Killers from the 60’s. I actually had trouble staying awake at times. But still it was nice to see her. I also enjoy how whenever I mention Kay, Craig likes to throw in Godfather references, “IT WAS AN ABORTION MICHAEL!” and “Don’t ask me about my affairs Kay.” HAHA always fun.

Looks like we’re gonna have some Horseshoe action, beer action, and BBQ action in the yard tonight. I’m lookin foward to that. Should be a good way to start off the weekend.

I went to the Hummer dealer in Cranbury about the 24 hour test drive and right now I’m waiting for my call back to see if its gonna happen…

Thats all for today, if the Hummer comes through you know what to expect 😉

Till next time…”Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say…”