Sirius-ly Buy a T-shirt

“Revisiting 1999…When the Warped Tour was actually still fun…”
Well its finally in…SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO IS IN MY CAR! Today I listened to some Funk Flex Mixes, Cradle of Filth, Ministry, Shane’s favorite HOT ACTION COP, and a slew of amazing techno. I Sirius-ly do not want to leave my car EVER! Vic did a hot job putting it in my car. It really goes well with the rest of the car and I couldn’t be happier. It took us close to 4 hours to do but we finally did it, then I pulled into a Cumberland Farms down in Manahawkin called up Shane and had him activate it over the net while I was in the lot. Within like 3 minutes I was up and running listening to the hottest shit ever…SEXY

Work sucked ass today…

This weekend was interesting. Saturday was the hugest and largest Sanzaro party ever. The cops came and broke it up. First time ever that happened. It was an interesting night for all and it was great to see so many people from long gone (or was it?) and it was also great to see so many fans out in force. Mr. Greg Coleman brought a tear to my eye when he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the T-shirt. Many people asked where to get one. I remind you all that the store is still open. Just click the store button near the bottom of the page. May I also remind you that the Golf Shirt makes a fabulous Father’s Day gift and also would look great on many of you even you ladies (that is if you get a tight fitting one).

Allright its time to get my evening started. So I’m going to go…

Till next time…”I’m caught in the same old trap again, I’m tired of being hurt again…”