SeanPiotrowski Interviews SeanPiotrowski – Part 1

Self Interview

“The interview to end all interviews…”This has been a long time coming. Many months ago Mr. GregColeman, God rest his internet soul, conducted an interview with me on the old Ward. This interview, while well done and informative, did not begin to scratch the surface of unmasking me, Sean Robert Piotrowski. A lot of you know me well, or at least you think you do, and some of you only know what you read through here. Today I hope to accomplish what few have done or even ventured to do…Allow you to enter the mind of me, Sean Piotrowski…

Sean if you will please tell us your beginnings.
I was born November 16, 1981 in Toms River, NJ to Bob and Donna Piotrowski. I lived in Toms River for 4 years and then moved to Voorhees, NJ. I lived in Voorhees for 7 years where I basically led a life of non-acceptance by the kids who lived there and utter bullshit with them my entire time there. In 1990 I was given a little sister named Corinne. In 6th grade I moved away from the hell hole that is Voorhees, NJ and back to Toms River to where I reside currently and I love every passing day here. I went to North Dover, Intermediate West, Toms River High School North, and currently Rider University where I am a Computer Information Systems major with a concentration in Infrastructure and Telecommunications and a minor in Political Science. I am 21 years old, I drive a 1998 Infiniti I30, I run this little site here, and I take things a day at a time.

What do you do for hobbies these days?
Well I obviously do this site. I’ve been fucking with websites for almost 8 years now. Back in 1997 I made my first webpage and have had some sort of site up and operating in one form or another. This however has been the most involved and most updated site I’ve ever done. I also dabble in film stuff. Nothing major just stupid short films. I enjoy watching movies a great deal. Story telling has always been something that has faciniated me ever since a young age. People always tell me I am a great story teller and that I am able to put them in the moment of when the event I’m describing happened. This is why I think I enjoy movies so much because I’m put in a place or a time and I am allowed to experience the events of the story with the teller. I want to be moved by a story. I want to laugh at the funny things, Feel the drama, I want to be scared, and quite frankly I want to cry if the moment calls for it. If a movie makes me do these things then that director or writer has done their job and thats something I aspire to do in my writings, conversation, movies, or whatever. I hope to one day write a movie and I want it to grip people. Quite frankly I want to write a movie that moves people so emotionally that they never forget the time they first saw my movie. That is my goal and I am honing that with my movie watching and story telling. I love music a great deal. Music to me is very much the same as a movie just is a different media. I enjoy watching skateboarding also. Playing golf is another huge hobby of mine, pretty much have always done this with Shane and I still continue to do that. I also can’t forget horseshoes.

How important are your friends to you?
I’d say pretty damn important. There is a small handful of people in my life that make an impact on me daily and I don’t know what I would have done with out them at certain points. For instance, Shane has been my friend since the 7th grade. He’s given me countless hours of advice and has been a good friend for a very long time. I could probabily write a book about him and all the things we have done and that to me says a lot about our friendship. Chris Kordulak 1985 also major importance to me. I can honestly say right now if he was not my roommate in college my first two years at Rider I think I’d be a very different person and I don’t mean that in a good way. Chris helped me get away from high school and help me see the bright future ahead. He was also a great listener and advisor in those troublesome times at the beginning of my college career and still continues to be. Of all the people I owe him the most because of everything he has done for me. Craig (Skanko) and Dave (Turbo) great friends of mine. They always help me have a good time and they help me laugh. I’ve always said that its hard for a person to make me laugh. But these two always find a way. I think we’ve come up with about 1000 inside jokes and its just a laugh riot when we’re together. Stephanie (Firehouse) is a great friend to me. She is a fabulous listener and unlike some of the others she is very like minded with me and knows how to give the female perspective of that. Her and I help each other out a lot and I think thats something we both realize and it is a driving force in our friendship. There are so many other people too, Mr. Plotts is a great supporter of things I do, Danielle basically helped me get through junior year in the dorm, Greg Coleman you know how I feel about him, Frank also another big helper in helping me through dorm life junior year with constant best buy and pub trips, Kay for being such an intellect and a fabulous conversationalist shes been a savior for me countless times as well, and I don’t know who else. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry its late but you know I know deep down inside how important you are to me.

Why do you do
Good question. It keeps me creative for one. One night I had this conversation with Chris about my life. In it I spelled out to him how there was a huge void in my life and yadda yadda yadda. He suggested that I be creative. Do something constructive. This site is very constructive for me. Writing has always been a forte of mine and I don’t get to do enough of it and this site gives me an outlet for that. I also enjoy making people laugh and giving them something enjoyable. I think this site is enjoyed and laughed at by many. There are many private comments that are not read by the public that I recieve day to day and they along with the comments posted on the site keep me going. They let me know what I do is good and right so I continue to do what I do. I owe them a lot and entertainment is the currency in which I repay them.

Is it true you once flipped out on Ariel Port for not finishing a Snapple?
Actually it is. There was a story that floated around North for a while about it so I guess now its time I discuss it. Basically boils down to this. Ariel Port is freaking annoying and I don’t think I know one person who actually likes her now. One night back in high school she was at my house she asked for a Snapple took a sip, capped it back up, and tried to leave my house. Now being the Snapple lover that I am, I cannot let this slide. Also I do not like it that people cannot finish a beverage. I mean is it that fucking hard to finish a drink? This is why if you never finish a drink that I provide you I will either 1.) Make you take it home or 2.) Remind you that you didn’t finish it. I don’t like how people have a lack of respect for the things I give them as part of my geneorosity and hospitality. I have no problem giving you a drink or cooking you a steak. But remember it comes from somewhere and you better fucking enjoy it. And yes I did say “People who don’t finish their Snapple” was my pet peeve in my Senior Blurb.

Is it true that you took naked pictures of yourself with your webcam while jerking off?
No that is completely false. That actually was Andy Kemmerer and I think everyone has at one point seen those pictures. So let me be the first to go on record publically by saying HAHA ANDY!

Who are people that you strive to be like?
My father, Bill Gates, and Sean Combs. My Dad because he to me is an amazing person. In the past few years I’ve realized what an amazing man my father is in both his professional life and personal life and I can only hope to be half the man he is. I could get into specifics on why but that would take way to long so just trust me on this. Bill Gates because he’s fucking rich as shit but also because he is a succesful underachiver. If there is one thing in this life I hate its over-achievers. Those kids in high school that got upset that they didn’t get into NHS or those kids that cried like little fucking bitches when they got all A’s and a B+. I hate them. I think this world is full of these suck up brown nosing mother fuckers that try to excel by being perfect and our society is worse off with them. Bill Gates didn’t do that. He fucking dropped out of college and learned from what others had to teach him. He also was a schrewd business man with street smarts. Look at him now he’s the richest man in the world. To me those kids who think that volunteering at the local Four H or sucking up to their professors to try and get ahead to improve their resume’s should get cancer and die. I see it everyday at my college and it makes me sick. I can say personally that I’ve never strived for perfection. Nor have I ever done any of the things that make me sick when others do it. I will tell you that when you’re a real person with street smarts and decent intellegence you will go far. Being fake and manufactured will only get you so far. People remember REAL smart people. Not those brown nosing over achiving assholes because those kids are a dime a dozen these days. If you want to be noticed learn the real world and how things actually are. Not what some fucking guidance councelor or parent tells you. I want to be like Sean Combs because of his style and flair. He knows how to make an entrance and he just to me is an intellgenent business man. He has many facets to his empire and that I think is commendable. He too also like Bill Gates came from nothing. It is these self made people who have real street smarts and sensability that I look up to and I think American kids need to be retaught on how to succeed.

Tommrow we continue with the conclusion of this interview with my answers on my love life, the future, beer, and much more…

Till next time…”I will run to you”