“Kickin’ it back to Sophmore year when I was only 20…”

Hey. So I took a break. So kill me. WEEKLY RECAP! I worked Monday and Tuesday and nothing exciting happened at all. Wednesday Kay came down and we hit up the boardwalk. We walked up and down I tried to win a stuffed turtle out of the skill crane. No luck. I saw Amanda she was looking cute. I said “Hello”. We walked back down and I said to Kay, “Do you know about the Retro-cade?” She didn’t know about it so we went. We had a heated spinny soccer battle which I won 5-3, We had a heated Super Mario Brothers Vs. Battle which I won by 5,000 points, I taught Kay how to play Star Wars she picked it up in no time, and then we capped if off with a heated battle of Air Hockey. I won 7-3. All I can say is Kay you better brush up on your arcade skills because I beat you everytime. MUHAHAHA! We had some Sawmill Pizza and beer. Then we came back to my house and watched Equilibrium. She loved it. I mean how could anyone not. Its the greatest movie of all time. Did I mention I was stuck at work till 6:30 on Wednesday? NO I DIDN’T It sure sucked asshole. Thursday brought the release of Star Wars Galaxies for the PC. My life is offically over now that I can join the Empire and crush the Rebellion MUHAHAHHAHAHA! It is now Friday, I’m going to go to the boardwalk with Firehouse and Turbo. We will see what tonight will bring…

Till next time…”STAR WARRRRSSSS NOTHING BUT STARRR WARSSS…” (Bonus Points to anyone who can name who sang that song)