CKY and Life Goals

“Just call me Honest Abe because I tell it like it is…”

You don’t need to be so shallow…CKY was amazing last night. I attended their last concert until 2004. It was an amazing show. Did I mention it was amazing? Mr. Plotts and I attended and had a fabulous time.

I was supposed to have an interview with Shane Pajak for you today but I have not been able to sit with him and do that. But I promise I will have that for you very soon.

So in an effort to be less livejournal-ish I will not bore you with the insignificant details of the past three days because nothing remotely exciting has happened. But I will share you with the following revaltion I had today…

My philiosophy:
With power comes money. With money you can stop working. When you don’t have to work you can do whatever you want with your time. Then I can complete my objectives on my list.

Some highlights from my list:
– Meet the Pope
– Start a skate clothing line and shoe company
– Retire at age 27
– Skydive
– Own a home in Ireland
– Drink in the bar my Great Great Grandfather was murderded in back in Ireland
– Have a butler
– Meet Noel Gallagher

There of course is much more to this list but I do not want to list it all for I’d like to keep some things about me a mystery…

Well I’m gonna shoot for that interview with Shane and I will post it whenever its done which I hope is soon…

Till next time…”A little less conversation a little more action please. All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me…”