Skanko Interview

“I give you Skanko himself…”

Hello one and hello all. I am back and as Promised I have the interview with Skanko finished…

Well its pretty much taken all week to get this interview finished but here it is. My interview with Craig Brian Savitsky. A person I have known since the 6th grade and has been a very good friend to me since day one. Ladies and gentleman I give you Skanko himself…

Craig, Take a minute to introduce yourself.

Well, my name is Craig Savitsky,better known as skank, skanko, or any variation of the word skank. I’ve lived in tr since i was born and ill probably die here… hopefully in a blaze of glory. I go to penn state where i am a business logistics major and should graduate in June. Dont mind my punction and spelling this keyboard sucks and ithink my brother jizzed on it.

Craig what is it that drives you to be the homicidal madman that you are?

good question, i dont really know… i guess the giant amount of fucking idiots that I am priviledged enough to notice on a daily basis… i mean real fucking morons that probably dont deserve to use oxygen,let alone exist. Also, I’ve worked with “John Q. Public” aka “John Q. ASSHOLE” at every single job i’ve ever had. Take yesterday for example, i talked to about 125 people on the phone in just a few hours Imagine the percentage of those people that are morons or idiots or just generally rude and inconsiderate…. now multiply what u thought by about 10 and thats the real number of those people… dealing with them for this long has probably made me hate them… also i drive in NJ and we all know the number of idiots on the road here…. but my main problem and why i hate people is that people just dont take two seconds to think before they act or say something and then freak out when the result is bad and blame it on everything but themselves…if everyone just took a step back and thought for a SECOND before they did things, the difference would be amazing

What is it that should be done to these Assholes?

i honestly dont know… some should just be banned from procreating… and others should be killed so that the non-assholes ofthe world can use their body parts for transplants and stuff, i think that would solve the lack of transplant donor problem

It is my understanding that this summer you have devoted a lot of your listening time in music to the genre of Metal. Can you explain this?

u have to get past the insane screaming and when u actually listen to the music part of it, its very intense and very energetic. i have never been one to listen to “chill” music, i need something with energy and excitement, rap, punk and metal have suited me best so far. i cant stand listening to whiny music or something that sounds the same over and over (coughDAVEMATHEWScough), its just not for me and dont even get me started on emo or these fake punk imposters that are out today i dont have the time or the finger strength to type about it.

If you were givin three wishes what would they be?

well i dont think id go for the ever popular WORLD PEACE cuz we all know that would last for a whole second. ok so here goes:

1.) the ability to travel, forwards and backwards, through time……i mean come on who doesnt have something they regret or who doesnt wanna see where they are 10yrs from now so if they dont like it they can change what they are doing now

2.) an everlasting supply of money, so that my father never had to work again, and i could do all the half-brained things ive been dreaming of doing, and also so i could take care of the people i care about and love

3) teriffic health and well being for everyone i know and love so that we could enjoy our lives to the fullest and be in peak physical condition, all the money and possesions in the world are worth nothing if you dont have loved ones to share them with. also its easier than going to the gym.

wow. #3 was a pretty generic answer but oh well

Craig you’ve been with many women in your life. Ariel Port, Charlee Newman, Becky Buist, Stephanie Whittam, Amanda Parisi, and Lindsay Cerminara. What would say is the secret to a successful relationship?

ha. u had to mention my past gf’s didnt you. i was going to say i dont know but now i do. i dont do things half-assed, i either do them how i think they should be done, or i dont bother to do them at all, doing something half-assed is a waste of EVERYONE’s time. That being said, i only get myself into a relationship if i really think that its worth it and if i do, then im willing to put my all into the relationship and do everything in my power to make it work. it also has alot to do with the person ur in a relationship with. if you love them , its easy to make it work and make sacrifices, because those sacrificies are nothing compared to being with someone that your in love with and making them happy. my golden rule basically is this: before you do something, imagine the reverse (aka someone doing it to you), if it annoys, upsets, angers, etc.. you or if you KNOW that it would not be recieved well by that person, then dont do it. ‘i didnt think about it ‘ or ‘it just happened’ are two of the most lame excuses in the world. basically, it all comes down to RESPECT. (im very big on respect, mafia style i guess) act towards someone the way u want people to treat u, and ur in goodshape.

Do you have any regrets about any of your past relationships?

eh, whatever, you live you learn. i try to do thingsto the best of my ability so i guess not

If you could be anyone other then yourself who would you be?

maybe snoop dogg, or sam jackson, maybe bam, or someone. just someone who’s interesting and not the same old thing.

Final Question. Sean Piotrowski, Man or Myth?

A Man who proports himself to be a myth, because its the american dream to be larger than life and lady death strike piotrowski wants to eat american pie, smoke cigars, drink beers, bang blondes and live to be the human embodiment of the american dream

Craig it has been a pleasure interviewing you and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us. Any last words before we go?

anytime sean. umm parting words? it should probably be something profound. i got it…FUCK YOU

Well folks I’m off to begin my weekend. You will hear from me again soon. Remember to keep checking back for my upcoming projects that I’m doing for you guys…

Till next time…”Inhale Inhale You’re the Victim EXHALE EXHALE EXHALE”