A Letter to Quentin Tarantino

“Kill Bill has changed me forever…”

Dear Quentin Tarantino,
My name is SeanPiotrowski and I have been a fan of your films for a very long time. I also consider myself to be a purveyor of fine cinema due to my love of films from all generes. I have experienced many of cinema’s finest dramas, comedies, action films, independant films, and foreign films. I have favorite films from all of the different generes. I’d like to also mention that I have enjoyed all of your films. Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn, and even Jackie Brown are all movies I enjoy very much. Last night I saw your newest film Kill Bill Vol. 1. I must say I had heard many good things about it and was not expecting more then your usual quality movie that you put out. Little did I know that what I was in for would be nothing like I have ever experienced in my entire life. While watching your film I enjoyed the fighting, the music, the actions, the story, and the acting. I was awe struck by the amazing choreography that went into the fight scenes and stunts. By far it is the finest kung-fu movie ever made.

The real reason I am writing you this letter tonight is because Kill Bill did something to me that no other movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life has never done to me. Not only did I watch this movie with my jaw dropped for more then 80% of the film but when I left the movie theatre I was overcome with emotion. As I left the theatre with my friend Turbo we didn’t say much to one another other then “Man that was amazing” and things to that effect. When we got outside I looked at my friend and said, “I feel like I’m going to cry” to which he responded “Yea me too”. The thing is I wasn’t kidding or exhaggerating. I felt this heavy weight on my chest and I felt as if I was going to bawl at any second. You see I was so moved by this movie. It filled me with emotion that no other movie in movie history has ever filled me with. As I spoke more and more about the movie to Turbo I felt as if I could lose it at any second. I would get vaclempt and short of breath. It was hard to talk about. I really have no idea why me and Turbo felt this way. I couldn’t even begin to try and understand it. It was just like I stood at the bottom of Niagra Falls and all the water was emotion. It flooded me with feelings that I never thought a movie could fill me with.

As I close this letter I want to say this film could potentially be the 21st century’s Citizen Kane, it all depends on how Vol. 2 turns out. I would also like to say to you, Congratulations. Volume 1 in and of itself is an accomplishment that few directors have ever experienced in their entire careers and here you’ve done it by your 4th film. I’d also like to thank you for making me feel something other then “that was a good movie”. Thank you for making me feel a schmorgasboard of emotions even if I have no idea why I was made to feel them. I am also sure my friend Dave “Turbo” Ullman thanks you. I look foward to Vol. 2 more and more with each passing minute. Again Thank you for making my Citizen Kane. For when I venture into film this will be the movie I try to match and base all of my work on.

Mystery Female Friend says:
“ill read your website cuz yours isnt a livejournal. but i am so fucking sick of people spilling their hearts out for everyone to read and then they get sympathy. its so fucking gay. how bout people who do that try having some actual human interaction? maybe then they wont be so depressed…”

Lucy Liu please have my yellow Babies. I love you more then any one in Hollywood and I want you to be mine…

Mr. Plotts says:
“if it was the violance thst you loved about kill bill, then youll love this story. i was walking from my car to my door yesterday morning, minding my own business, when my neighbors dog decides he hates me like hitler hated the jews, and he attacks my hand, i had to fuckin go to the e.r. . i am expected to make a full recovery but i am listed as “day to day”…”
Mr. Plotts is my very own Roy Horn…

Next time we talk about Elvis…

Till next time…”Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood…”