Elvis and the Iceman

“The one and only…”

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis lately. I myself have always enjoyed Elvis’ later work. You know his Vegas era when he was doing liquid cocaine and trying to hypnotize people and nearly drowning in chicken soup. Ahhh 70’s Elvis was the best. His music was so soulful and funkified too. When I compare Vegas Elvis to young Elvis, Young Elvis just does not stand up. I just can’t stand the music he produced at that age. Anyway the Elvis song I am currently obsessed with is You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. I also enjoy Suspicious Minds, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, In the Ghetto, Kentucky Rain, Viva Las Vegas, and the Wonder of You. Do yourself a favor and check him out if you haven’t allready. I think you will enjoy it.

Today I read the most amazing story on Yahoo which I will share with you right now:
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – An Icelandic fishing captain, known as “the Iceman” for his tough character, grabbed a 660-pound shark with his bare hands as it swam in shallow water toward his crew, a witness said Thursday.

The skipper of the trawler “Erik the Red” was on a beach in Kuummiit, east Greenland, watching his crew processing a catch when he saw the shark swimming toward the fish blood and guts — and his men.

Captain Sigurdur Petursson, known to locals as “the Iceman,” ran into the shallow water and grabbed the shark by its tail. He dragged it off to dry land and killed it with his knife.

“He caught it just with his hands. There was a lot of blood in the sea and the shark came in and he thought it was dangerous,” Frede Kilime, a hunter and fisherman who watched from the beach, told Reuters by phone from Greenland.

Icelandic author and journalist Reynir Traustason, who knows the trawler captain, said the act was typical of the man.

“He’s called ‘the Iceman’ because he isn’t scared of anything,” he said. “I know the people in that part of the world. They are really tough.”

This man is now my God. I will worship him and follow his every word. He is the toughest man in the Universe. Please go on a lecture tour so that we can all learn of your greatness. My holy pilgrimage to Iceland will be this summer and I will track this man down and join his fishing crew to learn from him.

Computer Case came, Black Mouse came, Mother Board Installed in case, Black Keyboard that meets my specifications bought, waiting on the rest…

Going to start my weekend…

Till next time…”You touch my hand and I’m a king…”