2003 the Year of Bullshit

“This Picture, Taken Last Night, is definatly a Photo Blunder of 2003”

SeanPiotrowski’s Top Ten Blunders of 2003 and Top Ten Amazing Moments of 2003

Top Ten Amazing Moments of 2003 for Me, SeanPiotrowski:
10. Seeing Ronnie James Dio perform with Skanko, Turbo, and Frank
9. The creation of the terms, “Faggots and Ginas” with Turbo and Skanko
8. As much as I hate it, Skanko, Turbo, and 1985’s idea of setting my dog on fire and humping it and
then BobPiotrowski actually caught Skanko and Turbo humping my dog at 2 AM
7. The Creation of the Board Game Brotherhood (Here is to you Mr. Plotts and Mr. McCandless)
6. 404’s Hoboken trip with the Rider Soccer Girls
5. $80 worth of Polo Clothes ruined (Thats all I’m gonna say)
4. My Invention of the phrase, “Sup Titties?” as a way of greeting women and shouting it at two girls in Pt. Pleasant as we drove by.
3. Getting a G35 for a Day
2. Radiohead concert with Kenny D., Firehouse, and Kay

And the Number One Amazing Moment of 2003…

1. GregColeman’s 21st Birthday at JMU with One Rolling Around in the middle of a major highway, One
Hospitol Visit, and Everyone Passed out by 1 AM due to the 35 Gallons of Sex Juice made by Me and

“Skanko wishes he was a Mighty Marching Mariner rather then a Mariner Football Player…”

Top Ten Blunders Committed by Me in 2003:
10. Waiting until after 2002 to get rid of Ashley (Two Word Nickname: Kiss Counter).
9. Two Words: Cancer Baby
8. Waiting 3 years to finally drop Erica (Two Word Nickname: Monmouth Girl or Jungle Fever [as
created by Skanko]).
7. Drinking Steel Reserve with Mr. and Mrs. 1985 and Turbo
6. Vomiting in the bathroom of Conduit
5. Attempting to drink Johnnie Walker on the rocks with Turbo
4. Two Words: Crack Whore
3. That night Jack Daniels turned me into a Chef
2. Thinking I could climb through the window of Switlick’s Lobby, while drunk, and falling on my face

And The Number One Blunder of 2003:

1. That “High School” Girl

Well Folks all I can say is if some of these don’t make any sense to you its because you just weren’t there for the proper terminology but feel free to ask me to clarify any of them for you…

2003 was a very interesting year for SeanPiotrowski. If I was to classify the year into a certain animal, like the Chinese do, 2003 would be the year of the Psycho Female for SeanPiotrowski. Hopefully we’ll have less of those in 2004…

Time to get ready for NYC. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of photos for all of you. Also if terrorists decide to ruin New Year’s you can be sure SeanPiotrowski will be there blowing his terrorism whistle next to Vin Disel while he yells very loudly. Have a happy and safe New Year’s and to all my Silverton people who are celebrating at Eagan’s tonight you will be with me in spirit tonight and I hope I am with you the same way…

Till 2004…”Ansa ya Telephone”