Happy Birthday John Sarin

“Don’t ask me how I made this face cause I don’t even know…”

Last night was John’s 22nd Birthday. I bought him a bottle of Moet. I made a birthday toast for him and Mr. Yanetti. I closed the toast with the following line, “And here is to another 22 more years…” I guess in my Tanquery induced wisdom I was only wishing them a life that would only take them to 44. Go figure. John, Jeff Durkin, Grant, Greg Coleman, Jay Eagan, Kristen Davey, Bill Yanetti, Frank, and myself had a fun drunken evening at McGuwinn’s. We also had pre-game fun with Mel “The Ultimate” Vega and her friend Sandra.
Greg Coleman gave the line of the night award to me for my line of, “I don’t do drugs. Unless its coke…”

Classes start tomorrow. I am not excited. Get ready for the usual beginning of semester run down…

Till next time…”It was nice when it lasted but now it’s gone…”