A Computer Fire in My Bedroom

Shes 21 guys I swear!Well I would have written sooner but this happened:

So Friday morning I am sleeping soundly. I am sleeping and then all of a sudeen I hear, BEEP BEEP BEEEP BEEEP. I wake up, What the fuck is that noise?! Upon opening my eyes, I see my room is FULLLLLLLL of smoke and my computer power is turning on and off. The smoke was coming from the computer. I could see it pouring out of the side, this was not good. So I ran over to the computer, threw the power switch on the computer and everything seemed to calm down. My room was full of smoke still so I cracked the window and turned my fan on. My room now smelled like BBQ-ed computer. I went to work and finished out my day. When I came home I cracked open the computer to survey the damage. Apparently the CMOS battery on my motherboard started the blaze and melted through my motherboard and caused a fire. This fire also burned my $500 Radeon 9800 XT video card & $250 Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platnium Soundcard. I called Intel and told them what happened. They told me they’d send me a new motherboard and that they’d have a supervisor get in touch with me about the other damage. Later on that day this French guy called me from Intel. He told me they’d replace my Intel products meaning my processor, heatsink, and motherboard would all be replaced and he would have them overnighted to me. They would not however replace my Video Card or Sound Card. Fuckin French asshole. Today I recieved my replacement parts. I spent a good 4 hours putting it all back together and cleaning up the cables nicely. I am proud to report that the SeanPiotrowski.net Super Computer is working once again. Burned Video card and all…

So Mean Girls rocked. Me, Crystal, Dave, and Lauren all enjoyed it. It was funny and enjoyable. Not super funny but enjoyable none the less. I must say that even though Lindsay Lohan was sexy, the girl who played Gretchen, as seen above, was far sexier and stole the show. After that we all went to Fridays and I had a beer and cheesecake while Dave and I made sexual advances towards one another and quoted Jurassic Park lines. As the girls went to the bathroom and made out…

P and O Final tomorrow giving us a check list of:
[ ] – 20 Page Dr. Wallace Paper on the Electronic Software Association
[X] – P and O Final
[X] – International Mgt. Final
[X] – 10 minute Presentation for my Wallace Paper
[ ] – Graduate

I must go devote more time to P and O…

Till next time…”Everything about you is how I’d want to be…”