A Full Project Update

Why am I so cool?

So Grad School still sucks.
My job has finally calmed down. I’m back to napping in my office in the morning.
My co-worker Igor is the coolest. I think I’m going to do a post about him one day.
Star Wars DVDs are the bees knees.
Darth Vader is still my role model.
I’m still obsessed with celebrity gossip.
I’ve almost beaten Doom 3.
I still play Galaxies.
Half-Life 2 is coming out soon.
I’ve been asked to be the new “faculty advisor” for Rider U’s College Republicans.
I still miss my grill.
I saw Morrissey from the 2nd row.
Beer is tasty.
The pub is fun.

Macto Clothing is still in Limbo. I’m waiting to talk business with some companies. However more “internal” progress has been made. I’ve spoken to some new people that I want on the team. Should be heaing back from the people I need to by the end of next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more after that…

1985 has asked me to join him in the production of a short film. My life long dream will be a reality in a few months. This is going to be a true Sean & Chris collaboration like the old days. Done our way, by us, with no one else telling us what to do. No outside bullshit. If we want someone in our movie we’ll ask, if we want to make a drama we’re going to, and if we want you in our movie we’ll ask. We’ve begun crazy technical research and we’re going to have our first brainstorming session this weekend. Should be amazing. I’ll keep you posted on this too…

I’m done.

Till next time…”Light the Fuse I must IGNITE”