SeanPiotrowski brings you the finest hard liquor ever…

I miss a lot of things that I used to have in my life:

– I miss 404, my housemates, our parties, and cooking for them

– I miss Turbo, Skanko, and 1985; We don’t see enough of each other and I know I’m partially to blame for that

– I miss being able to play video games for hours on end and not giving a shit about classes or doing homework

– I miss going to the pub on Thursdays with Frank and Danielle

– I miss my boss when he used to be cool

– I miss being able to watch all of my Netflix the same days that I got them in the mail

– I miss Disney World

– I miss Funcoland

Why do I feel like I had to grow up faster than I wanted to?

I’ve tried to write and update like 40 times since I last wrote. Everytime I sit down to write I know I have so much to put down and get out. But I get overwhelmed and get sidetracked. Whats the point of even writing anymore? The Golden Age of SeanPiotrowski has passed. My day to day life is not the material for entertainment. Its become normal with the occasional good story. But nothing like it used to be. I feel like I have a lot of things to figure out but I know I don’t, things are kind laid out for a while, I just have to coast and get through. But I still feel that way. I do keep busy a lot so I don’t dwell on crap like this. But who knows whats going to happen.

That was pretty fuckin’ emo right there…

Till next time…”What choice is left for me…”