Big Fish

I think I’ll have myself a beer…

So many big things have happened lets review:
– I got a D in Calculus, I’ll be repeating in the spring with Igor
– I got an A- in Management
– Graduation came, it was sadder for me this year than last. Its not supposed to be that way is it?
– I saw Kasabian in concert they are amazing and the new gods of Rock and Roll
– MY Free PSP came in the mail finally HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!
– Star Wars Episode 3 came out and I saw it at midnight, it was glorious and amazing
– We found the perfect house, we just need a 4th roommate who might turn out to be Skanko. I pray to my Almighty Lord and Savior that it comes true

I’ve been drowning myself in Video games lately. It feels good to play them again after such a long time…

I don’t really feel like writing anymore tonight.

I know the crossword puzzle is old, I’ll get on that one day this week…

Nothing else profound from me tonight…

Till next time…”You’re the best AROUND…”