Little Billy: this douche only left his extention…no one is on campus in the summer
Little Billy: o well
Little Billy: i called him on his extention…i think he was wacking it
Me: whys that
Little Billy: i go ‘are u near a computer’ and he says “yea, but im busy watchin something” and he was short of breath haha
Little Billy: its a bit early for that…what a crazy asshole this guy must be
Little Billy: then i said “well u want me to call back in 5 minutes?” and he says “i guess ill be done by then’

One thought on “Wackin’

  1. I so remember that guy he was the most weirdest passive guy you’ll ever meet. when we went into his room it was filled with empty liquor bottles and he was watching a Banzai marathon. Never got out of bed though. and the TV was facing away from the door.

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