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After 5 years with the same low-tech, hacked, Blogger Powered website, and countless hours of frustration with my old site I have done what I have always wanted to do; Completely Re-do SeanPiotrowski.net! With lots of help with my co-worker ChrisB you now have the masterpiece that is before you. So big thanks to him. Also my amazing banner was created by none other then the always famous and talented GregColeman. I also thank him for that.

What you guys probably have not realized yet is that this site is now full of new technology that will make your SeanPiotrowski.net experience MORE interactive and MORE personalized. To give you a few examples of these new technologies: whenever I mention the name of someone from the SeanPiotrowski.net family their name will be bolded and will link to their personal homepage or MySpace profile, now all of you can put a face to the names and get to know a bit about the people you’ve read about for oh so long. Also thanks to a wonderful service called Gravatar when you sign up with them and you make a comment on my site you will have your own personal avatar to go along with your comment. I’m very proud of these innovations and I hope you enjoy them as well. There are loads of other things the new site can do and I look forward to using them to enhance your experience. If you have any suggestions or comments for the new site please do not hesitate to let me know. I also have created a page dedicated to my short films that I have produced over the years. So now you will be able to view them whenever you want at any time. Also please check out the links I have listed in the sidebar, I feel they’re important; many of them I visit on a daily basis and I feel they are worthy to be included in the new SeanPiotrowski.net

One thing I’ve realize doing this re-design was that it has reinvigorated my drive for my website. I feel alive and ready to go back to the old ways of SeanPiotrowski.net. I hope you will continue to visit and join in on the experience that is SeanPiotrowski.net and I hope that my audience will grow even larger over the course of our new journey together. So again I thank you my SeanPiotrowski.net Super Fans for your continued support and I look forward to the future.


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