Why do I get myself into these shows?

Degrassi: TNG Logo

There isn’t much I can think of that comes from Canada that I appreciate or feel validates the fact that Canada is an actual country. That was until Crystal introduced me to a little television show called Degrassi: The Next Generation. Let me tell you a little bit about this television show:

Degrassi: The Next Generation details the lives of many different characters as they go through their high school years. Since the first season the characters have grown in many different ways. The show has dealt with many issues familiar to teenagers, such as body image, drug abuse, drinking, rape, child abuse, abortion, homosexuality, cutting, death, domestic violence, cancer, eating disorders, school shooting, mental illness, gambling, penis size, nocturnal emissions, visible erections and oral sex.

As you can see this is by no means your normal run of the mill television show let alone Canadian television show. I’ve been hooked on this show for almost 6 months now. This weekend I purchased the First Season on DVD because I have never seen those episodes, nor do they ever air them. Crystal of course, being a Degrassi vetran since its original inception during the 80’s, had seen them. After watching all of the episode in the first season this weekend I came to learn that Degrassi: TNG hit the ground running when it debuted in 2001 and has not looked back since. I highly reccomend this show to all of you who enjoy comedy, drama, and a bit of absurdity. For Degrassi: TNG delivers all of those things and more all at the same time…

Expect more Degrassi: TNG talk from me in the future because its a great show and I want you all to watch it. It is on Nickelodeon’s THE N at various times during the day. Its impossible not to miss it. So keep your eyes open…

One thing I got myself into this summer that I haven’t done in a long time is reading. So far I have read three books and have a few more to go. The SeanPiotrowski.net reading list is as follows:

Completed Books

Michael Crichton’s Prey – I am a big fan of the C man’s books. There hasn’t been one that I did not like. While I didn’t hate this book it was my least favorite of all his works. Why you ask? Well the whole book was great it was just the end that ruined it for me.

Secret's of the Tomb
Alexandra Robbins’ Secret’s of the Tomb – Many of you may or may not know of my obsession with the conspiracy theories surrounding the Skull and Bones. So this book was a must read for me. After completing it I no longer give a shit about the Skull & Bones because I know what they really are and it was dissapointing. I will say this book is excellently written and is very interesting but if you had any hope for ritualistic sacrifice or the New World Order look elsewhere.

Tom Green
Tom Green’s Hollywood Causes Cancer – Tom Green’s autobiography. It was hilarious. I loved it. But then again other than Crystal, I think I’m his only other fan.

Left to Read
Art of War


I’ll let you know how those turn out…

Well its time for me to pick up Crystal from work…

Until next time…”Cause I’m BACK IN BLACK…”

3 thoughts on “Why do I get myself into these shows?

  1. Congrats Sean! The site is marvelous and a breath of fresh air. I very much like the color choice and as soon as I can I will set up one of these Gravatar thingies. LONG LIVE SEANPIOTROWSK.NETI!!!!

  2. I was just rummaging through your entries and reminiscing over times long passed. I re-read some and then realized that it has been almost 3 years since I met you. Then I got all sentimental. So here it goes, “An ode to Sean Piotrowski”

    It’s amazing when you think about it. When I think about the person I was back then, before Chris and I were dating, to who I am now. I realized I am much happier now and much more content. It made me realize that the presence of not only Chris, but you and all the TR people have had a part in that.

    I remember the first time I met you. It was your birthday weekend in November of 2002, before Chris and I were dating. I was so nervous to meet you and Dave because I obviously really liked Chris and I knew how much of an influence you guys are on each other. So I figured if I fucked it up with you, I fucked it up with Chris. I remember coming out of the elevator and shaking hands with you and Dave. That whole weekend went much better than I thought it would. You were exactly what I had expected, exactly what Chris had described you to be; loud, confident, intelligent, opinionated and loyal. It was so interesting to see the 3 of you together and how much of a brotherhood there was between you. It became very evident that you guys cared about Chris. So there I knew I couldn’t fuck it up because at the very least we had that in common.

    At first I thought that what drew me to you and why we were able to connect, was because we had that one thing in common; we both loved Chris. But now as the years have passed, I realized you have become a separate entity. A separate person. You are no longer just “Chris’ best friend” but you are Sean Piotrowski, MY friend! And that you have had a part in my becoming who I am. I look up to your professionalism, organization, loyalty, ridiculously extensive knowledge of everything and your brutal honesty.

    And reading all these entries make me realize how great you are and why I enjoy your company and conversation. I also appreciate your loyalty to Chris and the amazing friend you’ve proven yourself to be countless times. I just figured in case you don’t hear it enough, or if you are ever feeling crappy, just remember that both Chris and I are so happy to call you our friend and we are better people with you in our lives. Just wanted to let you know since we are a state away and can’t see you as much as we’d like.

    So mushy, so cheesy, so cliché but I just wanted to say it. I know, I know, this is worse than an Anne Gedes photoshoot featuring Celine Dion and her offspring. TOO BAD!!!

    -Mrs. 1985

  3. Dara your words are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve just said. Its nice to know that I’ve been a positive contributing force to the evolutionary process that has gone into the reconstruction of Dara Rosenhaft. Maybe one day we can get Anne Gedes to do a photoshoot of all of us? Would kind of complete the cliché you know? Looking forward to your Gravatar!

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