Over the past few months I’ve realized something about Blogs, LiveJournals, Xangas, etc. run by people I know; No one does them anymore. To me this is a good thing. I will explain to you why…

While I have never considered SeanPiotrowski.net to fall into any of those above mentioned categories some could say technically it could. I have always felt that because I have been around for so long and broken from the norm, I stand in an undefinable group on my own. Anyway I digress, I think its a good thing that a lot of “known” blogs have dried up into 404 errors

Why? Easy, because like many things involving the Internet it was a Fad. But unlike other Fads there is actually some staying power that will keep it around. For example lets go through some Internet fads:

AOL for an ISP – If you asked 98% of the Universe who their first ISP was its a safe bet that they’ll say AOL. I will proudly tell you that my first ISP was CompuServe. GregColeman would tell you Prodigy. AOL gave people who shouldn’t even be aloud to own a computer the ability to use the Internet and many people who should not be able to use the Internet still do use AOL. Luckily AOL has become the bastard child of Time Warner with talks of them spinning it off of their media conglomerate to be its own entity so it can drown in its pool of sorrow and leave this earth finally.

Friendster – Friendster was a monster that I never really liked. There were things about it that sucked from day one and made me hate it and you know what 98% of those things still exist. Gladly when MySpace launched and I was informed of it I realized that it was like I had created it myself. Recently I read that Friendster went from having something like 5 Million active users to something around 300,000 active users. Talk about a Fad! People are avoiding it like the plague. File it in the Fad bin.

E-Mail Forwards – I know a lot of you still have to experience the wrath of this HORRIBLE Internet fad, I know Crystal does, but to me this was the worst one of them all. How glad am I that I am no longer being told about how Microsoft was going to give me free money for passing along an e-mail to assist them in testing some new E-mail software or how some 8 year old girl with 4 toes and one eye who was dying of cancer only had one wish and that was to have her e-mail spread around the world. You know what if that was some kids dying wish I’d be like “Kid, you sure you don’t want to go to Disney World or Have lunch with the Wiggles or some shit?” Anyway Forwards were horrible and I am glad that I do not recieve any of them anymore, PRAISE JESUS!

So there are some Fads to help illustrate my point. LiveJournals, Xangas, Blogs, whatever fall into this categorey. For the past two years everyone and their brother had one of these sites and were writing about, excuse me; wining about, how their boyfriends said they were fat or how the girl down the hall from them looked at them in class. Or they were writing some emo ass poetry that made readers want to slit their own wrists over how lame these poems were. In all, most of these uninspiried, badly written, and horribly misguided excercises in public diary writing gave people, who should not necessarily have them, a public voice. So while the bad writing fad went on, people with real talent kept at it. Charles Darwin gave us “Survival of the Fittest” and the WebBlog craze of the last two years has been yet another bolstering example of Darwin’s theory. All the shitty ones have died due to a lack of any real ability to write and lack of any real ability to entertain. In the slow process of weeding out the shit we have even lost some great talents in this world, my all time favorite example of this is GregColeman. Here was a man with lots of talent cut down in his prime due to the pressures of all the bullshit in this LJXanga obsessed world. Maybe now that the dirt is beginning to settle we’ll get those high talent names back…

Now I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “Sean, you’ve been pumping out crap on here for the past 6-8 months.” And you would be right. But to that I say I was having trouble writing and I feel I’ve worked through those issues finally. Also I’ve already demostrated in the past that I can entertain you and I can write. So given my track record I already have proven myself superior to the inferior dinosaurs that have already died. So I ask you to come along with me into the new era of SeanPiotrowski.net and forget the crap; all the crap I’ve written in the past few months and all those other crap sites that no longer exist. You get nothing but the real deal from me and that will never change…

Till next time…”So be mine and your innocence I will consume…”

4 thoughts on “Dinosaurs

  1. There’s still plenty of crap. Trust me. Just look at my friends page. It’s why I only post pictures or funny stories … I don’t want the crap writers reading good stuff. They might explode.

    OR … I post political opinions that just receive 80 replies from closed-minded individuals who misinterpreted my entire purpose anyway. You know. Whatever. I hate the Internet.

  2. remind me to set up my avatar, i’m such a slacker. i just wanted to thank you for your kind words. i miss the blogging game very much. i hadn’t read sp.net in quite some time due to your lack of posts in recent months, but i was relieved to see that you have posted a plethora of juicy stuff. i must go read on. but thank u sp. sp the ghost for president!

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