From Philly Airport

So I’m sitting here in the airport bored as hell. You see they delayed
my flight one hour because the pilot is late. Only in the airline
industry do you have things grind to a hault because someone is late.
Did I mention I am writing this from my phone? Mobile SP.NET…

I tried to go find a store that sold PSP movies, well I found one and
here is what they had:
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Are We There yet?

As you can see I was quite annoied…

I should go we SHOULD be boarding soon…

Till next time… “Would you like to be put on standby?”

5 thoughts on “From Philly Airport

  1. you’re crazy piotrowski. updating your website from the airport… impressive. Have a good trip and I hope you rape the tweedle brothers. Give it to’m good. Those dirty little fucks need to pay for what they did to my dog.

  2. i would be more impressed if you could figure out how to spell annoyed correctly. i’d imagine you’ll chalk this error up to the ease of a faulty keystroke on your palm?

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