Christian Bale Lives at my Apt.

Patrick in his box
My little bundle of joy arrived at my parent’s house yesterday…

So after months and months and months and MONTHS of waiting my dream has finally come true. A TALKING PATRICK BATEMAN ACTION FIGURE! I pre-ordered it on eBay a month ago and it arrived yesterday. With hurried anticipation I opened the box oh so carefully and placed him on my desk. I removed the battery tab so that could begin to hear him speak his fine words to me and what did Patrick have to say to me…

Patrick out of box
Well he said:
“I’ve got to return some videotapes.”
“I picked them up from the printers yesterday, thats BONE and the lettering is something called Cillian Braile…”
“Look at that subtle off white coloring OMG it even has a watermark…”
“Sabrina don’t just stare at it EAT IT!”
“You like Huey Lewis and the News?”
“Did you know Ted Bundy’s dog, a collie, was named, Lassie?? HAHA Have you hear this?”
“Hi, this is Paul been called away to London for a few days, Meredith I’ll call you when I get back. HASTA LA VISTA BABY!”
“Listen you’ll have to excuse me I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes.”
“And a Paul Allen I killed Paul Allen with an AX to the face! His body is dissolving in a bathtub in Hell’s Kitchen.”

Its absolutely pure genius and I thank the people at NECA for making it. You have made one of my dreams into a reality and I will never forget it…

Willie Wonka
So Wonka comes out this weekend. I must admit I was really REALLY excited about this for a long long time. But the more and more I see of it the less excited I get. I have a feeling I will be let down by it. I also am irritated by Johnny Depp’s voice in the trailers, lets hope he doesn’t speak that way through out the whole film. I was a gigantic fan of the original and I feel while this one could be darker (which I am hoping for) it could disappoint in so many other ways. I will weight in once I see it I promise…

Welcome back to the Internet Mrs.1985 …

Two CDs you should buy:
PinkertonMortal Kombat

Enjoy your weekend…

Till next time… “ETERNAL LIFE…”

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  1. Charlie and the Chocolate was fucking awesome… and that 18″ Christian Bale is the most sexy toy I’ve ever seen in my life, I hope my mini Bale is half as cool.

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