All that I’ve been working for the past few months has come to a crashing halt. Just moments ago Frank informed me that our house was pulled out from underneath us by the landlords. We will NOT be moving in thus leaving me without a place to go come July 31st. I stand before you a battered and broken man…Big ups to Frank and our Realtor Kenneth Edgeworth.
Kenneth Edgeworth
THANKS KEN!Its all up in the air now, when I know something is going to happen so will you…

Till next time… “This is the end. This is the end…OF THE WORLD.”

10 thoughts on “Destroyed

  1. sean im so happy that u are now posting so much that when i visit your website I have to read 4 posts to catch up. also jesus christ man, you are 23 years old. you should be able to spell restaurant and annoyed properly. the skanko spell checker broke down just like the pirates of the caribbean because of the frequency it went off during the last few posts. for your next birthday i will be buying you a teriffic websters dictionary AND thesaurus.

  2. the best part of this post was the alternate text for the first image. “FUCK!” hillarious. keep up the good work sp.

  3. honestly, what the fuck? who does that? what happened? you will find something, you just have to haul ass.

    well on a brighter side, i came here to tell you that i am a fucking genius. i came up with the BEST idea. let’s ( as in you , me and everyone) get together in NJ for a night of crazy poker. Lets fucking do it. We’ll break out the chips and dip, cigars and cigs, alcohol and possibly some rod stewart ( or any music to your liking) and fucking have at it? what do you say????

  4. Poker night will be even crazier than that time we all got together and played kick ball… =P

  5. haah Frank, things happen and people get busy. and by people I mean me. Kickball well happen. but karaoke night will happen first, i believe the first weekend in august???

  6. hey frank…
    does your father do his banking business with sun national bank? i think i will be hanging out with him on thursday evening for a cocktail hour at the grand opening of the bank i work at. perhaps i should keep an eye out for him? i’m considering getting extremely liquored up and asking him for a ride home.

  7. Yes Greg, I believe my father will be attending that Sun National Bank soiree. You can keep an eye out for him if you want but I’m sure Sun frowns upon their employees getting trashed and asking their customers for a ride home, but if its encouraged just don’t puke in the benz.

  8. yo dara im in on that poker shit. ur talking to toms river’s phil gordon. booya. im all in bitches. and yes the first weekend in aug. is karaoke night. and i should be driving up to the city in my new whip. i have a boner now from all this excitement so im going to go back to tracking orders for JERICH INTERNATIONAL! WOOO!

  9. frank,
    they cannot stop me from pounding margaritas and puking in the vault. i will bring my citris wipes for your father’s upholstry. thank you, however, for your concern.

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