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Do you know about the newest and greatest thing to hit the Computing Universe? Its called a Widget. Wikipedia defines the Widget as:

In computing, widgets are components of graphical user interfaces (GUI) that the user interacts with, and also small helper-type applications.

Apple Computer has introduced the Widget into OS X with the DASHBOARD, leaving us PC users out in the cold for sometime…

Not for long however, as of Yesterday Yahoo Inc. purchased Konfabulator which was a pay-to-play software application that would allow Widgets to run on a PC and early versions of OS X. But since Yahoo has acquired said software they have made the Konfabulator and all of the widgets available for FREE! Its all pretty amazing…

I have running on my desktop at home and at work various widgets that I have found to be great. I have turned off the old Windows clock and switched to the Widget digital clock and a few others. The neat thing is you can make the widgets apart of your desktop so that they do not get in the way, they become stationary objects that won’t move and can have their opaqueness set to various levels or you can leave them as is and move them to where ever you want and make them any size you want. Check out the Widget Gallery and see if there are any to strike your fancy. I know there are a lot of useful ones and a lot of fun ones check them out…

Widget The World Watcher
I’d also like to take this opportunity to address a little TV show called Widget the World Watcher. I know some of you might have gotten a bit excited when I mentioned the word Widget and might have thought I was referring to this TV show. But as you read on you realized that wasn’t the case and that I was writing some bullshit about some computer thing you probably don’t give two rat’s asses about. If its any consolation I remember this show very well and was a big fan of Widget and MechaBrain. It was a lot better then that Captain Planet bullshit and he even got a sweeter video game then Captain Planet ever got. Not to mention no one had to yell “HEART!” to make him appear. Captain Planet sucks. So do enviromentalists…

Till next time… “Widget the World Watcher SHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW…”

8 thoughts on “Widget The World Watcher

  1. yesss i have them they are amazing! i gave one that works with itunes and gives me the lyrics to every song that plays in my library!

  2. Widgets tickle my nuts and makes the nerd curled up in my stomach smile. Dara has Dashboard. Just by pressing F12 all your wildest dreams come true and delicious relevant information is smacked in your face.

    Captain Planet doesn’t suck just look at the shows synopsis… Oh wait it does suck.

    “Gaia, the spirit of Earth, awakens from a century-long sleep to the pillaging of the planet by a largely oblivious humanity. Fearing for the future, she sends magic rings to five youngsters from around the globe – Wheeler (North America), Linka (Eastern Europe), Gi (Asia), Kwame (Africa) and Ma-Ti (South America) – Gaia’s team in the battle against further destruction of the Earth.”


  3. Thank you Sean for telling me about these wonderful widgets. Best thing ever to happen to my computers since I downloaded firefox a year ago. The iTunes ones are amazing, loving the one that imports the album cover picture from amazon and exports it into itunes.
    Now if only they make a widget that tells me the exact times I’m going to have to use the bathroom during the day…

  4. i’m gonna have to agree with franklin on this one. these widgets are tight like a nun.

  5. widget the world watcher was my morning television when i was elementaru school. and mighty max. gotta love virgil.

  6. Dave you’ll always be my Mecha-Brain…and by that I mean I hope your head and hands will come flying out of my wristwatch sans body accompanied by Trumpets blaring.

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