Someone Shit On the Coats

Skanko said it best

10 Things That Annoy The Fuck Out of Me

10. Hippies
9. Dave Matthews
8. Pop-Punk
7. Shitting (Sometimes)
6. Being Tired
5. Domestic Beer
4. People who have had things handed to them their entire life
3. People who haven’t worked a day in their life
2. Ignorant Fucks

and the number one thing:
1. People Who Stand in My Way

I feel like smashing shit…

Time for bed…

Your Thoughts?

Till next time… “Use Your Mightttttttttttttt…”

8 thoughts on “Someone Shit On the Coats

  1. I guess you’ve lived in Trenton long enough to forget the biggest annoyance of us shore folk… bennys. Those fucks make my ride to and from work almost twice as long some days and driving around on the weekend almost unbearable, not to mention making me wait for a table at a resturant on a Monday night.
    But I do agree with the rest of your list people standing in my way is super fucking annoying. Being tired fucking blows, word to the wise, if you are the least bit tired DO NOT eat a just perfect turkey sandwich from Wawa. Its called “just perfect” cause they inject it with a pint of valium before they kill it to make its sleepy effects 10times as powerful.
    And shitting sucks too, especially if its an emergency and you are in the car or no where in the vicinity of a toilet. Or if you are on the toilet shitting and someone at the office comes into the bathroom and warns you to watch your seat because one of the employees has crabs, he just killed one walking on the wall.

  2. sean and frank. shitting is awesome. end of story. and the rest of ur list is the exact same stuff i used to be mad about untill i stopped giving a fucking shit. now i hate other stuff. like what i cant recall. but other shit. and we need a new picture of me up here btw. hahaha.

  3. Craig shitting can be a delight but seriously you know those times when its a hassle and a half and its a nightmare. Those are the shits that get me riled up! Coors Light? Its the tap water of beers…

  4. but its damn refreshing on a hot summers day. unlike those creamy thick (like semen) dark beers u enjoy. they sit in ur stomach and fester and then u just get full and tired and not drunk. booo.

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